Where to buy the book “By Virtue Fall”

Thanks for your interest in the “Shadowdance” urban fantasy/ action-adventure saga. Here’s some info on where to buy the book “By Virtue Fall.”

All sagas have a beginning, and this one starts with “By Virtue Fall.” There are a variety of formats to choose from to read the story; we’ll get to those in a second. But first, let me tell you how the saga kicks off.

Synopsis – “By Virtue Fall”

Vampire assassin Adriana Dupré has nothing left. After being manipulated into slaughtering nearly all of her family line, now she only lusts for two things: finding what remains of her family, namely her sister-turned-vampire, and avenging their deaths.

The one person with the information she needs? Sorcerer and Hollywood bad-boy Dwyer Strathan. All Adriana has to do in exchange is retrieve two relics, known as the Vyntari shards.

But the path to the shards is not an easy one. Adriana must journey from the soulless glamour of modern-day Los Angeles to the seedy underworld of Berlin and engage in battles against vengeful werewolves, a trio of warrior sorcerers tasked with protecting the Vyntari shards, and other supernatural creatures bent on keeping her at bay.

Each encounter draws Adriana deeper into the supernatural underworld’s struggle for control of the shards, a struggle long hidden from human eyes —

The Shadowdance.

Adriana must ultimately decide if her desire for revenge is worth giving Strathan unimaginable power… the power to destroy the world.

How to read “By Virtue Fall”

Cover for the "By Virtue Fall" action/ urban fantasy paperback

Cover reveal for the “By Virtue Fall” paperback

You can read the book as an eBook or as a paperback. If you’re okay with the modern tech of the ebook (and have an eReader or app for your computer), there’s a special bonus in store for you.

The ebook versions of the “Shadowdance” saga have links to pages in the “Shadowdance Origins” and “The Initiated” sections of this website. You can get info on the characters and organizations of the saga while you read.

But which ebook version do I need?

Don’t get confused by the variety of file types out there. Epubs are mostly for Android and Nook e-readers. There’s also the mobi file, a variant that works on the Kindle. Another mainstay is the PDF file, which requires Adobe Reader or a similar program to unlock. Most e-readers can handle the PDF, you don’t get the cool ebook features like resizing fonts.

Here’s a list of links for where to buy for your particular device. Note that the team over at Smashwords allows you to download all the file types.

  • If you’ve got a Nook or the Nook app, you’ll want to buy your copy at Barnes & Noble.com.
  • For my Kindle owners or those with the Kindle app, go to Amazon.
  • My iPad and Mac readers can check “Shadowdance” out at the iTunes store.
  • Please note that you can use either the Nook or Kindle apps on a PC or Mac.
  • My traditional readers who just love having the book in their hands can pick up a trade paperback copy at Amazon’s CreateSpace or Barnes & Noble.

Now you know how to buy the book — but there’s more!

I hope you enjoy the book. When you do, please post a review to the site where you purchased it. If you got it at Amazon, here’s how to write a review for Amazon.

You can also post kind words at the “Shadowdance” saga Facebook page or on Twitter.

Thanks again, and welcome to the Shadowdance.