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TFTS Episode XIII – Music Sets Mood

Music sets mood for all movies and TV shows. But can you also use music for your writing?

In this episode, we’ll first look at how music can set the mood. Then we’ll figure out how we writers can use music to do the same in our screenplays and novels.

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Creator Notes

TFTS ep 11 banner how to be a new jack writer
TFTS ep 11 banner how to be a new jack writer

I mentioned New Jack City at the top of this episode. Click the banner above and you’ll go to that episode. Learn to be a New jack writer with four techniques you can use to give your story a meaningful theme.

Here are the links to all the music I used as examples in the episode. I’ve linked to Spotify in the first gallery and iTunes in the second. You can also find the music on YouTube. Because of course, you can.

Unfortunately, neither Spotify nor iTunes have the soundtrack for La Femme Nikita, so I’ve linked to Sean Callery’s score instead.

And there’s more info on other stuff after the links, so keep on scrolling!

Here’s the link to a fan video that uses Depeche Mode’s “The Love Thieves” with footage from the La Femme Nikita TV show.

Sakura Intellectual Property cover
Badass cyberpunk mixed with music!

Our final two links are for the book Sakura: Intellectual Property. Click the book cover to get it on Amazon.

Click the following link for the playlist from the book.

A funny note: I say there aren’t two other Bourne movies after Ultimatum, but then use an image from the Jason Bourne movie that sucked.

Back Matter

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