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TFTS Episode XI – How to be a New Jack Writer

Writer Mark Wooden discusses four New Jack Techniques director Mario Van Peebles uses in his movie New Jack City. He’ll then show you how to use these techniques to become a writer with something to say above the generic story.

A New Jack Writer, if you will.

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Creator Notes

The original idea for this episode was to do a wrap-up for Black History Month that included a bunch of movies you should check out.

Picking up from the last episode’s look at Melvin Van Peebles, I moved to Mario. I started writing about New Jack City, intending to move on to Mario’s other fun movie, Posse, with a segue to The Harder They Fall.

I started writing so much about New Jack I realized I’d never cover all those movies, let alone the others I wanted to mention.

Then I noticed the iconic elements in New Jack City and couldn’t resist talking about them. Then, like LeVert, Troop, and Queen Latifah, I kicked the ballistics by stating how writers can use those New Jack Techniques to improve their stories.

I researched some of the behind-the-scenes of New Jack City. If you’re interested, I can post some factoids on Instagram.

About that “War on Drugs.” Here’s another tidbit anti-CRT/ anti-black history/ don’t hurt the whypeepo’s fee fees crowd doesn’t want you to know.

The American Civil Liberties Union did a twenty-year study and found a 100 to 1 disparity in sentencing. Just 5 grams of crack, more common in the black community, carried a minimum 5-year federal prison sentence.

Meanwhile, the distribution of 500 grams of powder cocaine, more common in the white community, carried the same 5-year mandatory minimum sentence.

It’s a fact.

I also mentioned redlining, the practice of banks not giving loans to people they felt were high risks for defaults. That sounds good on the surface — until you learned banks seemed to think only black people were high risks.

This article on redlining from NPR can tell you more. Just don’t get arrested by anti-CRT douchebags.

To end on a happy note, here’s that infamous song from New Jack City I’ve referenced so much.

See you in two.

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