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“Doppelganger” – pt 17 of 18

It’s four agents in SHIELD uniforms against four doppelgangers. Time to reveal who are the real agents of SHIELD.

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Barton didn’t bother with a sign-off. He was too busy moving to the edge of the other container. He took a quick look over, saw a ladder just down the way. No resistance — yet.

Barton took a quick look back at the other ladder. No one there either. Another look down the ladder —

A pulse bullet hit him square in the chest. As he stumbled backward away from the ledge, a regular bullet hit him in the back. He fell forward but held his balance at the container’s edge.

“Could use some help, ladies!” he said into the com before stumbling back onto the container.

His move provided cover against the attackers on the ground, but now he had to deal with the attacker on the ladder he’d just left. He looked there; the Black Widow climbed the ladder, her handgun aimed at him.

“Just stop this, Clint,” she said.

Barton motioned to his ears, then shrugged. “Can’t hear you. Must have lost my hearing aids in all this running around.”

“Bet you’ll hear this!”

Barton recognized Mockingbird’s voice.

He wished he didn’t recognize the feeling of her escrima stick smashing against the side of his head.


“Clint!” Morse waited a moment before calling her ex-husband’s name again.

No answer.

Standing in the warehouse, she looked to Romanova. The Russian nodded slowly, understanding that it was now them alone against the crew of probable HYDRA agents who looked and moved just like them.

“Hmmm… what would I do now if I had a two-to-one advantage?” Morse thought aloud.

Moments later, she walked out of the warehouse office, her hands in the air and her escrima sticks in the hip harness of her SHIELD uniform.

“Okay! Let’s just get to the bottom of this!” she yelled to the otherwise quiet docks.

“Where’s Natasha?”

It was Hawkeye’s voice coming from a container top. Morse looked in that direction and saw Hawkeye, an arrow aimed straight at her.

But this Hawkeye wasn’t in a SHIELD uniform. He wore a fashionable evening shirt and pants combo.

Down below, another Cole Cash stood before her. He was dressed as Grifter and had only one of his signature pistols aimed at her.

“You talking about my Widow or yours?” Morse asked.

“Am I really that snarky?”

This time Morse heard her voice coming back at her. She looked at her and saw the dressed down version of herself. “Like the top,” Morse told her doppelganger. “The pants are a definite fashion disaster.”

“Borrowed them from some of your HYDRA buddies,” the other Morse said.

“I thought they were your buddies,” Morse replied.

The other Morse looked at her. Was that a hint of sadness in her eyes?

“There’s no nice way to say this, so I’ll just say it,” the other Morse began. “Somehow, HYDRA managed to clone us, the real agents of SHIELD. You’re the clone.”

Morse stared at her other.

“There’re two puddles of goo wearing standard issue SHIELD uniforms where your Barton and Cash used to be,” the other Grifter said.

“This isn’t your fault,” came a female voice with a Russian accent.

Morse turned the other way to see the Black Widow in her standard uniform. Turning back to her doppelganger, Morse asked, “Okay. Let’s say I accept this crazy ass story. What happens to me?”

No one had an answer for that.

And then the group heard the crack of a sniper rifle.

Agent Morse’s head exploded.

To be concluded…

Copyright Info

DC Adventures, Copyright 2011, Green Ronin Publishing; Author Steve Kenson. Now it’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition

Advanced Player’s Manual, Copyright 2005, Green Ronin Publishing: Author Skip Williams.

Proteus Plot, Copyright 2006, Green Ronin Publishing, Author Steve Kenson.

The characters Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Mockingbird, the Black Widow, Arnim Zola, the Red Skull, HYDRA, SHIELD and Captain America are Copyright Marvel Comics

The character Grifter is Copyright DC Comics

None of the characters (or the plot, for that matter) belong to me as this is fan fiction, done for fun and as a creative exercise.

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