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Fanfiction: Birds of Prey part 13 (of 43)

Birds of Prey fanfiction: Crime lord China White’s thugs corner Black Canary. Will Sonya Blade and Jax Briggs get to their ally in time?

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Black Canary fanfiction Birds of Prey

Dinah glanced over her shoulder. Two more men blocked off the exit. They matched the rough descriptions of the two who had lured her into the alley. There were still the two men with rifles on the roof too.

The four men on the ground slowly moved in, boxing Dinah.

They drew knives.

She thanked the heavens that none of them had said anything stupid like, “We’re here to silence you, Black Canary.” That would piss her off in its banality. She did wonder how they even knew to come after her.

Dinah would beat that information out of them.

Turning toward the men on the roof three stories up, Dinah let out a Canary Cry. A wave of sonic force pummeled both men, sending them into the air and backward on the roof.

While she downed those men, the ones on the ground rushed in.

Turning, Dinah lashed out with a martial arts maneuver that quickly took down two of the attacking men.

The other two men attacked. Dinah deflected one attacker’s blow with her arm. Then she felt a knife slash across her back.

The wound stung but was more annoying than damaging.

The real crime was the slash had ripped one of Dinah’s favorite gig shirts.

Dinah answered the attack with a boot to the attacker’s face. She used the momentum of her kick to launch another one with her other boot.

The last man went down.

“If this really was an ambush,” Dinah said to her fallen enemies, “you really should have sent tougher enemies.”

“That was just a test,” a guttural Australian voice said from further into the alley.

Dinah recognized it as Kano.

“Thought we put you away,” she said.

Looking down the alley, Dinah saw Kano’s glowing red eye as he walked out of whatever establishment occupied the building to her right.

“You know jail’s a revolving door for people like me,” Kano said. He walked into the open and lit a cigar. “‘Specially when they’ve got China White behind ‘em.”

“Can’t imagine how long that’ll last, you keep losing her product.”

Kano spit. “She said I can make it up to her. By killin’ you.”

Dinah shook her head. “We’ve had that dance,” she said. “Showed your two left feet.”

“I brought more dance partners this time.”

A door behind Dinah opened. Five ninjas emerged. Three of the five carried were armed with bows, the other two with ninja-to swords.

Back with Kano, five more ninjas emerged from the same building he’d exited. They bore the same weaponry.

Dinah looked back at Kano.

The bastard was smiling.

“And when they’re done with you,” Kano said, “I’ll mop up what’s left.”

Rubbing her temples, Dinah said, “Does this ever get boring to you people? The random attacks, the getting your asses handed to you?”

“Ask me that after we’ve kicked your sweet lil’ ass,” Kano said.

mortal kombat logo Birds of Prey fanfiction

Jax’s ability to maneuver through Downtown Seattle traffic on a Friday night impressed Sonya. She still worried that, despite their efforts, they may be too late.

She knew Dinah was playing with her band in Belltown tonight. Sonya also knew that the area of town was ripe with innocents, making the area ideal for an attack with casualties.

Then a bomb went off.

If Dinah wasn’t already at the scene, she was on her way. Back at China’s place, Sonya had noticed Kano was conspicuously absent from the beatdown she gave China’s men.

Reliable betting put him out to find Dinah and save face for his failure at the docks.

Sonya and Jax were close to Belltown, but the traffic had stopped moving. Jax gripped the wheel, but there was little he could do.

“Procedure is to close down all roads leading into the incident area,” Jax said.

Sonya threw open her door and practically jumped out of the vehicle.

“You want backup?” Jax yelled out the open door.

Sonya hesitated long enough to shout back, “Keep your phone handy! I’ll call you when I know where we need it!”

To be continued…Next year!

It’s that dead week between Christmas and the New Year (with a little Kwanzaa in there for spice!). I’m gonna pause this Birds of Prey story, bringing it back on January 2nd of the new year.

In the meantime, check out my foray into filmmaking on December 28th as my short horror film “Where the Heart Bleeds” hits Amazon Prime. Check it out, write us a review. Maybe they’ll let us do more of them.

Have a safe, love-filled holiday week, and I’ll see you on the other side of 2020.

While writing this fanfiction, I used Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition RPG, to leave some things to chance. Check it out!

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