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Fanfiction: Birds of Prey part 15 (of 43)

In the latest chapter of “Birds of Prey” fanfiction, Sonya Blade arrives to help her friend Dinah Lance against the ninjas but ends up needing help herself.

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Sonya saw the gaggle of ninjas in the alley attacking Dinah. What she didn’t understand was why her vigilante friend wasn’t fighting back.

Worse, Dinah also appeared flustered, something the highly trained martial artist wouldn’t be in a fight.

Not a fair one, anyway.

That’s why Sonya didn’t feel the least bit bad about putting two bullets into the ninja swordsmen closest to Dinah. The shots felled the ninjas. 

To Sonya’s surprise, the ninjas’ bodies turned to ash within their ninja garb. She also noticed two other ninja costumes on the ground, the bodies within already turned to ash.

Looking back at Dinah, Sonya yelled, “Move it, Dinah!” 

Her friend took her words to heart and picked up her pace while heading toward Sonya at the mouth of the alley. While she moved, Sonya fired another well-placed shot and took down the last ninja close to Dinah. 

Unfortunately, five more — three with bows and arrows — were further down the alley.

Kano stood behind them.

Dinah still had several steps before she reached Sonya. With her concentration on getting away, she wouldn’t get the chance to dodge the ninja’s arrows. Sonya needn’t have worried.

“We got the blonde!” Kano yelled. “Get rid of the cop!”

The ninjas aimed their arrows at Sonya. 

She made a running defense, moving to Dinah while firing off a shot. Her bullet cut through one of the bowmen, throwing off their aim.

The other two arrows went wide. Sonya made it to Dinah.

“What’s wrong?” Sonya asked.

Dinah looked sickly, barely able to focus. “Poison,” she managed to say. Sonya noticed the cut across Dinah’s arm. 

“We’re getting you out of here!” Sonya said.

“Not gonna argue,” Dinah replied.

With her wounded friend in tow, Sonya headed back for the mouth of the alley. She fired another round at one of the bow-wielding ninjas, this time missing the target.

The bowmen missed as well, while their sword-wielding brethren hugged the alley out of the line of fire as they approached the women. 

“Who brings ninjas to Seattle?” Dinah said, trying to maintain a lighter mood in the middle of all this.

“Same people who bring a one-eyed asshole like Kano to town!” Sonya replied while firing off another shot and turning another ninja to ash. 

“Don’t think you’re getting away!” Kano yelled.

Jax’s car screeched to a halt at the mouth of the alley. The driver’s side door flew open, and Jax got out. “She hurt bad?” he asked Sonya.

Sonya pushed Dinah toward the car and fired a shot at one of the advancing swordsmen. Her gun jammed on her.

Frustrated, Sonya slammed the weapon into her shoulder holster. “Get her to the hospital!”

An arrow pierced Sonya’s thigh.

“Sonya!” Jax yelled.

Sonya fell to one knee, gritting her teeth against the pain of the wound. She looked back and saw Jax and Dinah staring at her. She waved them on. “Get going!”

Dinah stood as best she could. “Cover your ears.”

Sonya and Jax did as told, though it wasn’t much protection against the sound of the Canary Cry.

Sonya would have to start wearing something over her ears if she was going to make working with Dinah a permanent arrangement.

Looking down the alley, Sonya saw Dinah’s blast directed at one of the swordsmen. The kinetic force of her blast smashed the ninja against the wall behind him. The area effect of the Canary Cry indented the wall behind the ninja.

“Maybe should have led with that,” Sonya said.

“I did,” Dinah shot back.

Sonya struggled to her feet. Jax grabbed her and helped her up. “We’re getting you both the hell outta here!”

“Kano!” Sonya said.

“Will wait!” Jax replied.

Dinah sent her Canary Cry at the other approaching ninja, flattening him against the wall. Sonya looked back at Kano. His remaining bowmen had dropped their weapons in favor of swords.

They ran down the alley.

“Get in the car!” Jax shouted, presumably at Dinah. 

A second later, Sonya was in the backseat. Dinah sat across from her. The approaching ninjas were too late as Jax sped away.

Swing back tomorrow for more ‘Birds of Prey!”

While writing this fanfiction, I used Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition RPG, to leave some things to chance. Check it out!

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