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Fanfiction: Birds of Prey part 17 (of 43)

Batgirl learns the Chechen’s men are meeting with an Australian looking to expand his female boss’s criminal empire to Gotham. She moves to stop a gang war.

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After the Chechens went inside the pawnshop, Batgirl floated down to ground level using her cape as a makeshift parachute. Whoever let in the Chechen’s men had locked the door behind them.

They should have also bought a better lock. Batgirl was inside in a matter of minutes.

Entering a backroom used for storage, Batgirl immediately heard muffled voices. Another door led to the area behind the service counter. 

Sneaking to the window in the door, Batgirl saw bars across the service counter, security against unwanted elements.

Another door allowed the person behind the counter to get into the shop proper. It had a window, bars, and a lock. 

For their sake, Batgirl hoped that lock was better than the one on the back door.

Carefully, Batgirl cracked open the door to the service area. The voices were more precise now. “Who the hell runs a gambling joint in this piece of shit neighborhood?” a man with a gruff voice and an Australian accent asked. 

“Kinda the point,” another man replied. From the accent, Batgirl determined this was one of the Chechen’s men. “Who would look for one here?” he added.

A silence followed, probably time for the Aussie to contemplate. He eventually asked, “So what ya got for me? It on or what?”

“It’s definitely on,” the other Chechen responded. “Because they’re keeping things secret, cars are parked blocks away.

“If anybody gets out, they’re on foot for a bit. Light guards on the outside. They’re banking on nobody knowing it’s happening as security.”

“Probably more of Gamble’s men inside.” This was the first Chechen. “But if Gamble is running his man of the people schtick, they probably are dressed down or undercover to keep the civilians at ease.”

“Civilians?” the Aussie asked.

“The game’s open to the public,” the first Chechen replied. “Well, the public that knows how to get in on the illegal gambling circuit. All types; some pro gamblers, high society types slumming, locals looking to make a quick buck.”

The Aussie laughed a boisterous laugh. “A right casino he’s got in there! I see why you Chechens want a piece of it!”

“The Chechen says it’s the same way your boss wants to stretch her wings to Gotham. You prove you’re worth it, get Gamble out of the picture, the Chechen will make that happen.”

Knuckles cracked. Batgirl presumed it was the Aussie, as he said, “Then you best get yourselves set for the first shipment.”

Like the city needed more organized criminals with delusions of grandeur.

The Chechen would only do business with a new out-of-town gang if they proved themselves. If someone were to make the Aussie and his boss look like idiots, they might stay away. 

At least, the Chechen would have second thoughts of bringing them in and lose the confidence to take on Gamble in a full-on attack.

Batgirl had to get ahead of them. It also wouldn’t hurt to call in some backup.

During her casing of the theater, Batgirl noted the boards covering the theater’s front doors.

Chains and padlocks barred entrance to others. No one had boarded the doors leading to the backstage area. Chains draped the doors handles, dissuading the casual observer.

Batgirl was more than the casual observer. She noted the chains were mere decoration, without a lock to keep them in place.

Four of Gamble’s men hid behind dumpsters and around corners. They all had a line of sight on the door. 

This meant they’d have a line of sight on her when she dropped down into the area.

Predictably, the men came out with their guns at the ready. Batgirl threw up her hands, trying to look as non-threatening as possible.

“Not here to fight this time,” she began. “I just need you to get everybody inside there to safety. Now!”

Will Batgirl help Gamble by saving the gamblers? Who is the mystery backup she’s calling in? Find out next Tuesday!

While writing this fanfiction, I used Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition RPG, to leave some things to chance. Check it out!

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