“Birds of Prey” fanfiction!

Dinah Lance (a.k.a. Black Canary) and her friend Detective Sonya Blade survived the poisoning at the criminal Kano’s hand — but now they have to find him.

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Sonya Blade splashed water onto her face, then looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. She admitted she looked better than she had a week ago, but still felt like shit. 

That happens when a ninja poisons you.

A damned ninja.

China White was severe in her efforts to get rid of Sonya and, by extension, her ally Black Canary, Dinah Lance.

White had lured the Canary out of her civilian identity with a bomb in Belltown. She then had sent Kano and some damned ninjas after her.

Sonya was lucky enough to come along when she did but fell prey to the ninjas’ poison. 

Both she and Dinah ended up in a hospital thanks to Detective Jackson “Jax” Briggs. With the antidote in hand, Jax had then gotten both women to a personal safehouse lest White try again.

That’d been two weeks ago.

Both women had put their lives on hold to recuperate in the safehouse. Meanwhile, White was out there moving her plan forward. 

Worse, Kano, the bastard who had killed Sonya’s partner, was still out there. 

And where the hell did these ninjas come from?

Sonya wiped her face with a towel and left the bathroom.

No one would find them at this safe house because no one would be brave enough to come to this neighborhood. The harsh level of living here forged a people who even ninjas would fear.

It was Jax’s hometown, which explained all one needed to know about him.

The safehouse was a studio apartment, one so beat up it wouldn’t even qualify as Section Eight housing. But it had a bed, running water that didn’t taste too bad and China White didn’t know where it was.

Dinah sat on the floor, the only furniture in the place being two twin mattresses without frames and a few beat-up lamps. The rock star had Sonya’s laptop open in front of her.

However, she looked at it like she was a cavewoman astounded by the magical device in front of her.

“What are you trying to do?” Sonya asked as she approached Dinah.

“I want your magic device to show me news about China White and her asshole Aussie asshole,” Dinah replied.

Sonya sat down next to her friend. Both were recovering from the poison, but both had seen better days. Dinah swore she felt fit enough to fight back, and Sonya believed her. 

Their problem was not knowing where to throw their punches.

The women had no damaging evidence against White. Sure, Jax had dropped all that “assaulting an officer” business when he busted in and got Sonya out of White’s restaurant lair.

The catch was as an officer, Sonya had no business in the restaurant without a warrant.

They could use Kano and the ninjas’ attacks to arrest Kano, but that would require explaining why he was after Dinah. That would require revealing her identity as the Black Canary. 

Sonya wouldn’t ask that of her friend.

All they could do now was wait for Kano to move, catch him in the act, and hope he got less corrupt judges the next time.

Sonya moved the laptop in front of her. Logging into the Seattle Police Department network, she started a search through the recent crimes database.

As she typed, Sonya said, “You are aware this is the twenty-first century, and computer use is essential to existence, right?”

Dinah huffed. “I’m still alive. Who needs a Goggle?”

Sonya stifled a laugh. “Google.”

Dinah threw up her hands in a “whatever” gesture.

Sonya searched for any sightings of Kano or the ninjas in any other incidents.

Knowing his attack against her and Dinah hadn’t made the police blotter gave her little confidence she’d find an occurrence even if there were one.

“Here’s a thought,” Dinah said.

“From you?”

Dinah hit Sonya’s arm a little harder than she needed to. “I can sing, punch, and occasionally come up with a good tactic. Now listen. Kano said White gave him a second chance, but he had to kill me. He messed that up.”

“He poisoned you. Since he can’t find a body, he’ll assume he succeeded.”

“Do you think that’ll be enough for China White? Not having the bodies?”

Sonya’s expression showed sympathy for Dinah’s reasoning.

“Now add his probable failure with his exposure,” Dinah continued.

“If China was gonna let him live, it’d be best for him to get the hell outta Dodge while things cooled down. Especially since you know when those damned vigilantes heal up, they’ll be back with a vengeance.”

Sonya nodded. “Reasonable. So we look outside of Seattle for signs of Kano.”


Sonya thought for a moment, then typed on the computer. “Kano worked in Thailand, China, and Japan before coming stateside for White. I’ll start the search there.”

Dinah shook her head. Sonya looked at her with a question in her expression.

“It’s just that I knew another Chinese-based crime lord who worked those areas,” Dinah said.

“What happened to them?”

Dinah hesitated, not entirely wanting to answer. Turning from her friend, she eventually said, “He fell off a Gotham rooftop. I may or may not have kicked him just before that.”

Sonya flinched but quickly withheld her judgment. Her eyes narrowed. “Thought you didn’t do crime lords anymore.”

“He’s why I don’t do crime lords anymore.”

“Any reason that particular crime lord?”

Dinah paused, then stood up. “Know anywhere China may want to expand? Like maybe —”

“Gotham City?”

Dinah quickly turned and looked at Sonya. She started to speak, stopped.

Sonya said, “I was just throwing that out there. She could be —”

“No,” Dinah said. “That’s as good a place as any to start looking.”

Is China White a problem from Dinah’s past? And what’s going on in Gotham City? Come back tomorrow and find out!

While writing this fanfiction, I used Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition RPG, to leave some things to chance. Check it out!

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