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Fanfiction: Birds of Prey, pt 27 (of 43)

Detective Sonya Blade arrives in Gotham City to follow up on Kano’s arrest. She meets the city’s top cop, Commissioner Jim Gordon.

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It was after hours when Seattle Detective Sonya Blade arrived at Gotham’s police headquarters.

After a conversation with a mid-level commander, Sonya’s inquiry into Kano got the attention of Commissioner Jim Gordon. He was in the building working late but made himself available to the visiting detective.

Gordon didn’t look like what one would imagine as the city’s political face for law enforcement. He was more of an old school gumshoe with his rumpled, off-the-rack suit, glasses, and graying hair and mustache.

The commissioner had a face lined with worry; he’d seen many things in his years on the job. It endeared him to Sonya as someone she didn’t know but felt she could trust.

“You’ve come a long way for one man,” Gordon said as he held his office door open for Sonya. She entered; he offered her the chair in front of his desk while he moved to his seat.

“Kano and I have been through a lot,” Sonya replied, taking the seat.

Gordon sat and studied Sonya. “So I read. Killed your partner.”

Sonya’s eyes drifted to a framed photo on his desk. The photo showed a slightly younger Gordon (judging from a lack of gray hair) with two auburn-haired children, a boy, and a girl.

The girl, the younger of the two by a few years, seemed happy. The boy was rather glum.

Gordon noticed Sonya’s stare. “My children, Barbara and James Junior.” Taking the frame in hand and looking at it, he said, “Best picture of James. Wouldn’t know it from the look on his face.

“Barbara is always smiling. Only saw her sad twice. Once when her mother left, and once when James had to leave.”

Gordon stared at the photo for a moment longer before replacing it. “Any kids for you, detective?”

Sonya shook her head. “Married to the job, sir.”

Gordon smiled. “I used to be that way too. It’s why you don’t see Barbara and James’s mother in that photo with us.” Sonya saw Gordon’s regret.

“You get so wrapped up in the job, your fellow policemen become your family. A partner like a spouse.”

Sonya suddenly sat up straight. “Our relationship was strictly platonic.”

Gordon raised a consoling hand. “I meant no innuendo detective. Though I’ve crossed that line once myself. Another reason Barbara left me. My wife, Barbara.”

Sonya relaxed with Gordon’s admission. He continued.

“What I’m saying is I understand your need to bring your partner’s killer to justice. I just want to be sure that’s what you want. Not revenge.”

“There’s a difference?”

“Revenge would mean killing Kano. An eye for an eye. Makes us no better than the filth we pursue.”

Sonya noted an open window along the wall with Gordon’s many plaques of honors. The window was large enough that a person could exit to their death.

She chalked its size up to the age of the building; the window would never be to code now.

Sonya disregarded it as Gordon continued.

“Justice follows the laws that govern us. That means a trial and jail for your partner’s killer.”

Sonya had a counterargument but decided against it. Instead, she concealed her true feelings and said, “That’s fine with me. Your man Batman punished Kano enough for now.”

Gordon shifted in his chair. “Batman is not ‘my man’ as you put it.  He’s a vigilante working outside the law.”

“A vigilante you’ve tolerated for what? Five years? Two under your service as commissioner.”

Gordon took off his glasses. Pulling a handkerchief from his pocket, he began cleaning the lenses.

“Nothing I’m proud of, but I admit Batman has aided us in cases more dire than what the police are used to handling. But as long as he works within the law —”

“Assault and battery? Breaking and entering?”

Gordon shot Sonya a glare. “Batman brought in Kano when you and your Seattle police couldn’t.”

Despite the harshness of his tone, Gordon turned from Sonya; she felt he didn’t mean the harshness, but she understood the defensive nature that caused it.

She also understood the origins of that defensiveness. Gotham was a hard town without many wins. If in his position, Sonya wouldn’t let that win go either.

Sonya let the air clear for a moment. “Kano is barely out of jail in Seattle. He sets off a bomb and uses it as cover to attack my friend and me. Then he mysteriously turns up in Gotham to start a gang war.

“Kano runs street gangs, commissioner. This reeks as an operation for China White.”

Gordon shrugged. “I read about her in Kano’s file. Think she’s spreading her operation to Gotham?”

Sonya leaned back in her chair and took a moment. “Who did Kano attack?”

“Gangster named Gamble.” Gordon tossed his handkerchief on his desk. “A few weeks back, Gamble’s rival the Chechen — drug runner — started harassing Gamble’s operations.

“Then your Kano comes to town, meets with two of the Chechen’s men and attacks Gamble’s theater.”

Gordon rubbed the bridge of his nose as he continued.

“Gamble will want to attack the Chechen out of revenge. With those two fighting, Black Mask and what’s left of the mob may flex.

“And this is all before the Penguin comes looking for his cut of anything coming into the city.”

Sonya leaned toward the desk. “Let me help, commissioner.”

Gordon put on his glasses so he could observe Sonya. “I talked to your captain.”

Sonya’s shoulders sank.

“He says he doesn’t want you snooping around Kano or White due to your personal connection to the case.”

Sonya started to argue, but Gordon silenced her with a gentle wave of his hand. He continued.

“Although procedure sides with your captain, I’m not opposed to letting a fresh, unknown face look into a potential threat to my city. Especially considering Kano is out of the equation.”

“He always has a way of getting back in,” Sonya said.

“He’s far from home and got caught, but he accomplished his mission. Since we haven’t heard from any high-priced lawyers, I think we’ve got him this time.”

Sonya stood. “Then I need to return the favor by helping you stop China White.”

Sonya gets the go-ahead from Gotham’s top cop. She’ll get secret help from Batgirl. But what was Black Canary doing all this time? And why was that window open? Find out tomorrow!

While writing this fanfiction, I used Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition RPG, to leave some things to chance. Check it out!

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