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Fanfiction – “Herald of Darkseid” chapter 8 (of 19)

Welcome back to Mark’s fanfiction, “Herald of Darkseid” starring Superman!

On the way to containing Solomon Grundy, the Man of Steel gets an emergency call from General Nick Fury.

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Flying to the Bay, Superman heard the sirens of Metropolis’s Special Crimes Unit heading in the same direction. They’d be a while, having to move through New Troy evening traffic from one side of the island to the other.

He hoped to have Grundy contained and waiting for them by then.

When over the Bay, Superman used his x-ray vision to scan the waters. He saw the usual crud and pollution, making it difficult to discern anything at all.

Then he heard something smashing into one of the freighters making its way through the Bay. He heard it again. And again.

Using his extended-hearing to pinpoint the sound, Superman then used his x-ray vision to see Grundy climbing his way out of the water by slamming his fists into the side of a freighter to climb up its side.

As strong as the creature was, Superman worried the creature could then leap from the boat and to Hobb’s Bay neighborhood.

Already angered, there’d be no telling the damage the thing would do.

Best not to let him leap.

In a burst of speed, Superman flew down and landed on the freighter’s main deck amid stacks of cargo containers. When Grundy reached the deck, he found Superman waiting with his arms crossed over the “s” on his chest.

“If you can understand me,” Superman began, “it’d be better for you to stand down.”

“Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday!”

The beast charged at Superman, throwing a fist the size of Superman’s head at the Man of Steel. The blow connected but felt more like a glancing blow than a solid hit.

Probably not a good idea to find out what a solid hit would feel like.


The man’s voice came over the air, at a frequency only Superman could hear unaided. Because of the specialized frequency, Superman knew the call could come from only one person — General Nick Fury, head of SHIELD.

“Little busy right now,” Superman replied to the air. He assumed if Fury could call him, he could hear the response.

“You’re Superman,” Fury said. “You’re always busy. I need you to be busy for me.”

Superman ducked another swing of Grundy’s fist.

“It must be important if you’re using this line. What’s up?”

“I have a woman destroying one of my space shuttles. She says her name is Kara Zor-el.”

The name threw Superman, to the point he missed ducking. Grundy clocked him in the jaw, spinning him around.

Superman rubbed his jaw. “You’re absolutely sure?” he said to Fury.

“Wearing your symbol and everything,” the general responded.

Superman turned around and grabbed Grundy’s arm. “I’ll check it out, I just have to finish up here,” he told Fury.

The Man of Steel then hurled Grundy into the bottom of a stack of cargo containers. The gray-skinned monster broke through the container. With the integrity of that container destroyed, the container collapsed in on itself.

The containers above it crashed down, burying Grundy.

The beast had taken several blows from Superman and survived a throw into the bay. If he could take that, he could take the containers crashing on him.

It’d take Grundy some time to dig his way out. Time enough for Sawyer and the SCU to figure how to contain him permanently.

“Alright, general,” Superman said to Fury. “Give me a beacon to get to your people.”

Looking back at the mess that contained Grundy, he added, “If you can spare it, also send a metahuman containment team to Metropolis. They may need help.”

Superman looked skyward. As he did, he heard a single pulse coming down Fury’s frequency — a homing beacon. It was clever, too clever. In his way, with the tools at his disposal, Fury was just as powerful as Superman.

Metropolis’s hero hoped Fury wouldn’t abuse that power.

Following the beacon, Superman found himself racing into space.

“I have agents in that shuttle,” Fury said along the same frequency. “I also have a costumed agent, Captain Marvel, engaging with Zor-El. Try to Keep her out of the crossfire.”

Superman logo

Once in space, Superman dodged all manner of satellites and space debris. He soon spotted the SHIELD shuttle near the moon. It had three engines, all of which had been torn off and damaged.

The shuttle was a drifting hulk of steel.

A costumed female flew outside the shuttle. Superman guessed she was Fury’s agent, Captain Marvel. She engaged in combat with another woman, this one in her teens and wearing a dark-hued costume.

On the teen’s chest was the unmistakable symbol of the House of El, the same symbol, often mistaken as an “s,” that Superman wore on his chest.

For Superman, the teenaged girl was just as unmistakable.

The girl, Kara Zor-El, threw one of the shuttle’s engines at Marvel. The SHIELD super-agent easily dodged the hunk of metal and fired a laser blast back at Kara. The girl took the blast, but it didn’t look like it would slow her down.

Time for Superman to step in.

Before either Marvel or Kara could register the action, Superman grabbed Kara and pulled her back to Earth.

To be continued…

While writing this fanfiction, I used Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition RPG, to leave some things to chance. Check it out!

Like this fanfiction? Check out Mark’s original “Shadowdance” saga books!

Author’s Note:

The characters Maria Hill, Captain Marvel/ Carol Danvers, SHIELD, Abigail Brand and Nick Fury are Copyright Marvel Comics

The characters Superman/ Clark Kent/ Kal-El, Supergirl/ Kara Zor-El, Darkseid, Maggie Sawyer, Solomon Grundy and Parademons are Copyright DC Comics

I don’t own any of the characters as this is fanfiction, done for fun and as a creative exercise

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