Spider-Man and the Hulk

Peter Parker attends Dr. Bruce Banner’s gamma radiation experiment. Things do not go as planned.

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The following day, Banner had the top Army brass (including General “Thunderbolt” Ross) present for the gamma radiation containment test. Banner explains the scientists will detonate a small, modified gamma bomb in the lab’s insulated control chamber.

General Ross questions the dangers of setting off even a small gamma bomb in the confined space. Banner assured him the military had built the chamber to withstand a much larger bomb.

The observers would be safe from the blast. If the door to the containment room remained sealed, they’d also be safe from any potential radiation. Of course, the plan was for there to be no severe radiation.

To measure the potential radiation, Banner’s scientists had placed several radiation meters in the chamber. If Banner and his team had crafted the bomb container correctly, the meters would read low to zero radiation.

As Banner’s team ran down the pre-test checklist, one of the scientists, Dr. Janus, detected a malfunctioning radiation meter. Banner tells his staff to halt the detonation; he’ll fix the malfunctioning meter himself.

Banner heads into the chamber without protective gear. Parker stops him and mentions the danger should the bomb accidentally detonate.

Banner doesn’t think a protective suit would do him any good. Besides; General Ross isn’t a patient man.

Parker remains concerned, but Banner has a sensor to fix. Banner enters the chamber, securing the door behind him.

Meanwhile, Parker gives Dr. Janus an attaboy for noticing the sensor. Janus isn’t talkative. Parker then asks why they needed to fix that one sensor when there are several in the chamber.

The scientist turned back to his work, ignoring Parker.

Moments later, Dr. Ross sounds an alarm. The detonation countdown had resumed. They needed to get Banner out immediately.

Ross asked who had restarted the countdown. The scientists had no idea, though Janus insisted on a computer malfunction. Betty argues, but Parker reminds them Dr. Banner is in danger.

The team sets back to stop the detonation. The countdown quickly reached fifteen seconds.

Betty races to the chamber door, intending to punch in the code to open the door. Banner waves her off. Parker sees the concern in Betty’s face, but he understands Banner’s motive.

If the bomb detonated with the door open, they’d kill everyone in the room. Stopping the detonation was the —

Too late.

The bomb went off.

To be continued next Tuesday!

Author’s Note:

The characters Spider-Man/ Peter Parker, Richard and Mary Parker, Ben and May Parker, the Hulk/ Bruce Banner, Betsy Ross, “Thunderbolt” Ross, SHIELD, and Nick Fury are Copyright Marvel Comics

None of the characters belong to me as this is fanfiction, done for fun and as a creative exercise

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