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Mark’s taking a vacation!

Hello, true believers (in something, I suppose)! I’m taking a vacation in a week! Here’s what that’ll mean for the site.

The vacation

The header pics are me in Seattle last year. That’s not where I’m going, but it ties into the “Shadowdance” urban fantasy saga I’m writing. More on that below.


Superman, Captain Marvel and Kara Zor-El
Superman, Captain Marvel, and Supergirl all borrowed from (C) DC Comics and (C) Marvel/ Disney

Last week saw the end of the “Herald of Darkseid” fanfiction. did ya miss it? If so, start at the top by following the link in the title.

For the story, I envision the first meeting between Superman and Supergirl. Did I mention she’s the herald sent by Darkseid to conquer Superman’s adopted homeworld?

Talk about awkward!

Captain Marvel, Nick Fury, and SHIELD also figure into the story.

I have another fanfiction lined up, this one taking place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Made an opening title crawl and everything.

More on that and the story in a later post.

The “Shadowdance” saga

I’m in the outlining and researching phase of the third song/ novel in the series, “Illusion of Love.” It’s going great, but I haven’t quite found the heart yet. I have a feeling what it is, but it’s not there yet.

That’s what outlining and research is for!

I’m even creating Japanese vampires. Surprise! Despite there being vampire myths in other Asian countries, vampires aren’t something that actually exists in Japanese folklore. They adopted it from us!

As for those Seattle pics. That’s the setting for “Illusion of Love.” I give a shout out to the 1962 World’s Fair and have sequences in the Space Needle. I’m also incorporating other locales and histories from the city.

Like Berlin in “By Virtue Fall” and Los Angeles in “For Her Sins,” I want you to feel like you’ve been to Seattle after you’ve read the book. Which is why I took lots of pics while I was there.

Short horror film

Logo for the short horror film "Where the Heart Bleeds."
Logo for the short horror film “Where the Heart Bleeds.”

Back in December (so long ago!), I put together a team to shoot a short horror film, titled “Where the Heart Bleeds.” You can see the team and some photos over at the website (click the title; it’s the link).

That project’s slowly (and I mean slowly; December!) coming together, so I’m looking forward to telling you more about it.

Just not yet. Hopefully after vacation.

See me… see me now…

I’m also working on making this site a bit more personal via a vlog. Let you see me, see me react and get a more intimate look at how I operate. Hopefully, some of that info will help you with your stories, vlogs, or whatever you’re up to.

I’m also gonna dish on pop culture stuff, kicking off a discussion. Feel free to jump in with comments here or over on Twitter or YouTube.

Gonna pull a Soderberg and use my phone to capture the vlog. Looking into a microphone. Think I’ve got that licked, but if not please forgive the audio as I make my first foray into the vlog pool.

And I’m off for vacation (soon, anyway)!

My folks are on the way over, so I guess I should pack like I’m going to go somewhere. Look for some new stuff from me in the coming weeks.

Thanks for following thus far!

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