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Urban fantasy short story places in contest

The “Shadowdance” action/ urban fantasy saga is officially an award nominee!

The forgotten short story contest entry

Last year I entered the ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story contest.

ScreenCraft is normally a site for screenwriters. I’m one of those too, but I was pulled into this contest as it’s for short stories. I happen to have a couple of those.

For this contest, ScreenCraft is “looking for short stories (not scripts) with special cinematic potential.”

I couldn’t pass that up, as I’ve always strived to make the “Shadowdance” saga exactly that — cinematic. I submitted my short story, “Fall to Grace.”

Sometimes they have to hit you on the head

I forgot about the contest until a few weeks ago when I got a ScreenCraft newsletter announcing the quarter-finalists. I read through the list, didn’t see “Fall to Grace” on it and blew it off.

The next day, I received an email directly stating that I’d earned a quarter-finalist slot. I went back to the list and saw that I’d been searching alphabetically by author; the list was actually alphabetical by story title.

And there I was!


There I am!

This contest is my first “win” for a “Shadowdance” saga story, so I’m kinda buzzed. It’s not the top dog slot, but I’m in the running. I think they move on to semi-finalists on Valentine’s Day.

What do they win, Rod?

In case you were wondering, the top dog prize is a cash reward of $1,000. I’d also meet a ScreenCraft mentor, which can steer me onto a proper path to getting my work out there.

I’ll also get some phone calls with literary managers and managers. That’s something I couldn’t get on my own, as they tend to fortify themselves behind a wall of assistants that only agents can get your through.

The trifecta on the win is exposure to ScreenCraft’s network of over seventy industry professionals.

There are also prizes for second place and the top five finalists. I’m hoping I don’t have to deal with those.

Wish me luck!

What’s “Fall to Grace” about anyway?

Fall to Grace ebook cover

Fall to Grace ebook cover

Enter the “Shadowdance” action/ urban fantasy saga with this short story, “Fall to Grace.”

Vampire Adriana suffers from memory loss. She remembers a girl, possibly her sister, and a previous life as an assassin.

Warrior sorcerer Makeda helps Adriana recover her memories — but then the women are captured by Makeda’s superiors, the Knights of Vyntari. They want Makeda to explain why she jeopardized three important artifacts during an operation in Berlin.

Adriana must help Makeda prove her case to the Knights, or Makeda will be excommunicated from the organization and lose her ability to work with Adriana.

There are forces within the Knights who want exactly that — and for Adriana to meet her final death.

You can pick up a free copy of the “Fall to Grace” ebook.

Go check out ScreenCraft to learn more about the contest and what they have to offer writers.


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    Congrats, nephew!!!!

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