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Coming up – Batman/ Iron Man fanfiction!

Happy February! Are you ready for some fanfiction starring Iron Man and Batman? I bet you are!

I’ve always felt that Tony Stark was one dead set of parents away from being Batman. Or that Bruce Wayne was one living set of parents away from being Tony Stark.

Either way, I thought it’d be fun to pair the Armored (alcoholic) Avenger and the Dark Knight together on an adventure. I’m branching from a plot point left open from my previous fanfiction, “Doppelganger.”

This one’s called “Armored Underworld.”

If you haven’t read “Doppelganger,” you can still get the gist of “Armored Underworld.” It’ll just be like watching “Matrix Reloaded” without having seen “The Matrix.” You can follow along, but you miss the nuance of the callbacks.

“Armored Underworld” features Batman and Iron Man, but I’ve also got Batgirl swinging through in a major role. You’ll also see some familiar faces from Batman’s rogues’ gallery and a hint of mischief from Iron Man’s rogues too.

There’s also some world-building elements to flesh out my fanfiction universe, opening the doors for future stories.

This fanfiction is a manga-sized run for about forty-one chapters. Since it is that big an affair, I’m mixing up the release schedule.

I’ll release new chapters every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Except for Valentine’s Day. You should be too busy to read that day!

The first chapter of “Armored Underworld” drops next Monday the 5th. Come on back to the TOL Blog’s FanFiction section then!

UPDATE: This story is complete! This is the link to the first chapter! Enjoy!

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