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Fanfiction: Birds of Prey part 24 (of 43)

In this chapter of “Birds of Prey” fanfiction, Batgirl fights ninjas on the roof while Batman fights ninjas inside the theater. Can they get the last of the gamblers out in time?

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Batgirl heard the second set of explosions. 

She looked in the direction of one of the explosions. Amid the smoke, she saw ninjas running across the narrow apex of the theater’s triangular roof. 

She switched focus to a readout on her cowl’s heads-up display. The Batcomputer’s tracking data put the Aussie criminal Kano within a four-block area.

It would be another minute before the Batcomputer pinpointed his exact location.

Batgirl had plenty she could do in the meantime.

Using her Batline, the auburn-haired vigilante crossed the distance between her and the ninjas. The ninjas had secured rappelling lines near the hole in the roof.

As the ninjas prepared to drop into the theater, Batgirl dug into her utility belt. She grabbed three palm-sized metal cylinders — modified flashbang grenades. 

With her other hand, she pressed a button on her cowl that changed the lensing and hearing in her mask to cover for the grenades’ effects. 

Batgirl threw the cylinders. As they smashed against the roof, the cylinders exploded in dazzling bright lights and created ear-shattering noise. 

Unfortunately, he ninjas shielded their eyes and must have worn earplugs. The flashbangs didn’t affect them. 

Two of the ninjas looked at Barbara and drew their swords. 

“Okay, try this!” Batgirl said. 

She reached into another compartment, pulled out a bola, and threw it at one of the ninjas. The bola wrapped around the ninja’s arms, pinning them to his sides. 

The force of the bola pushed the ninja backward. Losing his footing on the slanted roof, he fell through the hole the explosion had created.

Batgirl inhaled; it hadn’t been her intention to do that, knowing the fall would kill the man. She then remembered the ninjas weren’t regular men but assassins who turned to ash upon defeat. 

She didn’t know if that comforted her or made things creepier; her indecision was a complication for a later time. There were still four ninjas intent on killing her. 

Two of the ninjas ran at Batgirl. The lead ninja feinted and then leaped over Batgirl. 

The vigilante didn’t fall for the trick. Instead, she attacked the second ninja coming at her. A kick knocked the ninja off the apex beam and sliding down the side of the slanted roof.

Ahead, Batgirl saw the other two ninjas lowering themselves into the hole. She kicked behind her, landing her booted foot into the first attacking ninja’s chest. 

Like his brethren before him, he fell backward and slid down the side of the roof.

The other ninjas were inside the theater.

Batgirl pulled a sharp-edged Batarang from her utility belt and moved for the ropes.

Her HUD showed another forty-five seconds before it could pinpoint Kano.

Batman logo from the Dark Knight

Inside the theater, Batman moved to one of Gamble’s men. “Focus on getting the attendees out,” he said in his authoritative voice. “I’ll handle the ninjas.”

Gamble’s man nodded without argument. He signaled to his men to help with the evacuation.

Batman looked at the ropes from the damaged roof. Two ninjas had descended halfway down, having tied themselves in place. The ninja drew arrows for their bows. 

Drawing his grappling gun, Batman thumbed a switch that changed the piton on the end of the line to a grappling hook. He aimed the hook at the hole in the ceiling and fired.

A second later, the hook found purchase on the rooftop.

Batman activated the gun’s recoil function. The Batline pulled him toward the ninjas as they prepared to fire arrows at the remaining evacuees.

What’s Batman up to with this maneuver? Can Batgirl help from up top? How many more innocents will die before the Dynamic Duo find Kano? Learn the answers tomorrow!

While writing this fanfiction, I used Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition RPG, to leave some things to chance. Check it out!

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