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Fanfiction: Batman/ Birds of Prey, part 25 (of 43)

More “Birds of Prey!” Batman cleans out the rest of the ninjas. Then he and Batgirl set their sights on taking down Kano.

Want to read from the beginning? CLICK HERE!

Batman logo from the Dark Knight

Batman’s grappling line pulled him into the path of the two ninjas hanging from ropes. On the way up, he threw one of his blunt-edged Batarangs at one of the ninjas. The ninja took the weapon to his face.

Losing his grip on the rope, the ninja tumbled down to smash through a table below. He barely missed the last of the line of gamblers pushing toward the secret exit.

The other ninja re-aimed his arrow at Batman. The shot went wide, but Batman used his cape to make sure the arrow did not stray into the crowd below.

As the ninja drew another arrow, Batman slammed into him. The Batline pulled both Batman and the ninja up and out of the hole in the roof.

Batman turned the ninja so that he slammed onto the roof, breaking the Dark Knight’s fall.

The ninja was unconscious, slowly turning to ash.

“You always had a flair for the dramatic,” Batgirl said. She stood a few feet away from Batman among more piles of ninja costumes filled with ash.

“Gamble’s men are getting the last of the gamblers out,” Batman said. “Where’s Kano?”

Batgirl held up a hand. He watched as she turned her attention to the heads-up display in her cowl. A few moments later, she said, “This way.”

Batman stopped her. “I’ll lead the frontal assault, draw him out. You keep hidden in case there are more ninjas.”

Batgirl frowned. However, she understood the need to take the criminal off the street superseded her pride.

Batman linked his cowl’s HUD into the Batcomputer and pulled Kano’s location. The Aussie crime boss moved away from the theater and down a side alley.

Leaping from the theater’s roof, Batman used his cape as a glider. He descended to a lower rooftop. Batgirl remained behind, watching the area.

“There are two ninjas on either side of the alley on the roofs,” she told Batman over their cowl communicator. “Total of four.”

“I see them,” Batman said. As he moved to the rooftop with two of the ninjas, the vigilante threw a handful of smoke pellets ahead of him.

The subsequent cloud of smoke engulfed both Batman and the ninjas.

Only Batman emerged from the cloud.

“Handle the other ninjas,” Batman said. “I’m going after Kano.”

Following Batman’s lead, Batgirl leaped from the theater rooftop and glided toward the two other ninjas running block for Kano.

Instead of landing on the roof behind them, Batgirl opted to slam her feet into one of the ninjas.

He went down hard.

Batgirl caught the other ninja in her cape, disorienting him. She finished him with a right hook.

Looking to her HUD, she saw Kano turn a corner up ahead. The vigilante looked in that direction and saw Batman descending to the street in pursuit.

Batgirl continued along the rooftops.

Batman logo from the Dark Knight

Batman hit the street outside the alley and immediately spotted Kano. He was the size of a professional wrestler and wore clothes nearly as gaudy. Most notable was the red orb that replaced the man’s eye.

Kano ran to a non-descript sedan at the end of the block. Batman crossed the street to cut off the criminal’s escape.

Meanwhile, he used his Batcomputer link to call the Batmobile to this location. With the lack of traffic in the area, it’d be here in under a minute affording Batman a quick pursuit.

Or, Batman could subdue Kano by then.

Kano reached for the sedan’s door handle. Still on the approach, Batman threw three Bat-shuriken. They barely missed the red-eyed criminal as they dug into the sedan’s window.

Kano got the message and stepped away from the car. 

“It’s over, Kano,” Batman said as he stalked down the middle of the street toward the criminal.

The Aussie looked Batman over. “You’re this Bat-guy,” he said. He stepped into the center of the street. “Got through the ninjas, I see.”

“Whatever you’re doing in my city, it’s over.”

Kano cracked his neck and then beat a fist into his other palm.

“Boss said I was supposed to just heckle the nigger and split,” Kano said. “But this is gonna be too much fun.”

Oh boy! Batman versus Kano on the streets of Gotham! It all goes down tomorrow!

While writing this fanfiction, I used Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition RPG, to leave some things to chance. Check it out!

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