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Fanfiction: Birds of Prey, part 37 (of 43)

The Birds of Prey are unofficially a thing! Now it’s time to put the hurt to the criminals (we hope) in the finale to this fanfiction.

Want to read from the beginning? CLICK HERE!

mortal kombat logo fanfiction

Taking advantage of the confusion, Sonya lashed out at the bow-wielding ninja closest to her. She took him down quickly and targeted the next in line. He too fell, both ninjas turning to ash.

The two sword-wielding ninjas flanking O-Ren advanced on the newcomer who entered through the skylight. Sonya figured her for Batgirl.

The Gotham vigilante used her cape to fend off the swords. A punch and a kick felled the ninjas, leaving O-Ren vulnerable behind them.

“Hubba, hubba, hubba,” O-Ren said.

“You can just leave,” Sonya heard Batgirl say over the sound of Sonya’s taking out the remaining two ninjas. She looked at O-Ren, who contemplated the idea.

“I think China White’s time has been wasted here,” O-Ren eventually said. “Perhaps a withdrawal is wise. But will you let me walk away?”

“No!” Sonya yelled. She now stood flanking O-Ren, who faced off against Batgirl. “You’re not leaving until you tell us what China is up to!”

“My city,” Batgirl said, “I handle this my way, detective.”

“You didn’t have a sword to your throat, Batgirl!”

One of the Chechen’s mobsters flew behind O-Ren, crashing into the rail car. To her credit, O-Ren’s eyes never left Batgirl.

The Gotham vigilante and Sonya looked in the direction from where the mobster came.

They found Black Canary standing on top of the rear sedan. “Miss anything?” she asked.

The engine on the other sedan started up.

“Don’t want the Chechen to get away from the scene, do you?” O-Ren asked. “Not with so much evidence of malfeasance in the area.”

O-Ren turned her head slightly, motioning to the open rail car behind her. Presumably, whatever she was giving to the Chechen was in the car.

Putting the goods and the Chechen in the same place wouldn’t necessarily convict him, but it’d give the GCPD something to hold him on until they made something stick.

That is if they had the Chechen. And if her presence as an out-of-jurisdiction cop didn’t hinder the case.

As if the two vigilantes with her weren’t hindrance enough.

“The Chechen will be lucky to get off the grounds,” Batgirl said. “GCPD was on the way before we broke in here to save a hostage.”

Sonya smiled. Gordon said he grudgingly worked with the city’s vigilantes, but Batgirl handed him a gift. She also went close enough to protocol that any arrests would stick.

Sonya had to give it to the woman.

“Why don’t you set that sword down and start talking,” Batgirl told O-Ren.

The assassin’s lip curled into a sinister smile. “You’re not the only one with theatrics,” she said.

A small capsule dropped from her kimono sleeve. It exploded in a cloud of thick, black smoke.

A spear attached to a length of chain burst from the smoke and right at Batgirl. It was accompanied by a guttural voice that yelled, “Get over here!”

Batgirl Birds of Prey fanfiction

The spear jabbed into Batgirl’s shoulder. Her Kevlar body armor took the brunt of the damage. Worse, the weapon tangled itself in the Kevlar weave. It would take a moment to pull it free.

Then there was the matter of the chain attached to the spear. Batgirl didn’t think she’d get that moment.

Sonya was the first to react. She leaped through the cloud of smoke and struck something on the other side.

A man in a yellow tunic, face mask, and black sleeves and pants stumbled out of the cloud’s coverage.

In his left hand, he held the other end of the chain attached to the spear in Batgirl’s shoulder.

With him distracted, Batgirl found the time to remove the spear. Dropping it to the ground, she saw movement to her left.

O-Ren was making her escape.

Black Canary Birds of Prey fanfiction

Black Canary performed an acrobatic leap from the roof of the sedan to the floor and then through the cloud of smoke. She took up a position with Sonya flanking the mystery villain who had thrown the spear.

“I thought you blew this guy’s head blown off in Seattle!” Black Canary said.

Squaring her shoulders for a fight, Sonya said, “I told you Scorpion was a hard man to keep down. If he is a man.”

Canary spared a sideways glance at Sonya before taking up a stance to fight Scorpion.

Black Canary and Sonya Blade rematch against Scorpion! Batgirl races after O-Ren Ishii! And will the Chechen slip the GCPD and the vigilantes? Tune in tomorrow!

Just starting with us? Read it from the beginning! Birds of Prey, Part One

While writing this fanfiction, I used Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition RPG, to leave some things to chance. Check it out!

Like this Birds of Prey fanfiction? Check out Mark’s original “Shadowdance” saga books!

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