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Fanfiction: Birds of Prey, part 36 (of 43)

“Birds of Prey fanfiction! Black Canary and Batgirl make their move to rescue Sonya Blade and bust up the meeting of the mobsters!

Meanwhile, what will O-Ren do with Sonya?

Want to read from the beginning? CLICK HERE!

Batgirl fanfiction

With the guards at the tower down, there wasn’t anyone to give a warning to the bad guys.

The Gotham and Seattle vigilantes met no resistance when they headed back to the maintenance building. All the bad guys must be inside.

Hopefully, they hadn’t done anything untoward to Sonya.

Batgirl left Canary on the ground near the building’s entrance while she went to the roof.

Once up top, Batgirl looked through the weather-stained skylight. She couldn’t see much of anything inside.

Batgirl found the latch that held the skylight shut and immediately began cutting it with a laser torch from her utility belt.

“What do you see?” Canary asked over the radio in Batgirl’s cowl.

“Nothing yet,” Batgirl said. “Skylight’s too obscured. Cutting through now.”

“You’re gonna drop the skylight on them?”

“Cut the latch, slide the glass, take a look. Though Batman would probably just jump through and take them all out.”

“Maybe he does some things right.”

“He also has a hundred plus more pounds to break glass with.”

The latch relented to the torch. Batgirl returned the tool to her belt and carefully slid the skylight’s covering to one side, placing it down across its housing so it would not fall.

Looking inside, Batgirl saw the familiar red ninja-yoroi of Hand ninjas. Their position favored an Asian woman in a kimono.

The Chechen and some of his men were also present.

Of utmost importance was the blonde woman on her knees in front of the Asian woman — the Asian woman drawing a sword.

“About a dozen mooks, ninja and mobster mix,” Batgirl said into her comm.

“Sonya?” Black Canary asked. Batgirl heard the worry in Canary’s voice.

Down below, the Asian woman held her sword to the back of Sonya’s neck.

Batgirl grabbed three flash-bang mini grenades from her utility belt. “Be ready to knock just like I said,” Batgirl warned.

Then the Asian held the sword at the Chechen. A moment later, she returned the sword to its scabbard.

Batgirl released a breath, not realizing she held it.

“Tell me what’s going on, or I’ll blow this door in, Batgirl,” Canary said.

“I think it’s time we did just that,” Batgirl said.

mortal kombat logo fantiction

O-Ren took a step to drop down from the train. The ninjas at either side leaped down and then turned to assist their mistress to the floor.

White’s emissary held out a hand. A ninja bowed and handed her his ninja-to sword.

“C’mon, O-Ren,” Sonya said. “You’re not gonna kill a cop!”

O-Ren stared at the policewoman. “Why not? We’ve done it before.”

Sonya’s eyes narrowed at the reference to her late partner.

The ninjas holding Sonya forced her to her knees. One of them pushed her head down. She heard steel grinding against a sharpening stone.

Sonya then felt the blade’s cold steel against the exposed flesh on the back of her neck.

“There is one more thing,” Sonya said.

Sonya felt O-Ren’s blade under her chin. It forced her head up, so she stared at the Asian assassin.

“I will humor you in your final moment,” O-Ren said.

“I may not get you and China,” Sonya said, “But Black Canary is still out there.”

“Is that the bitch in the mask?” the Chechen asked. “She and Batgirl attacked me earlier!”

O-Ren’s eyes darted to the Chechen. “Yes, she wears a mask. However, I would advise against using any vulgarities directed at her gender.”

“All I’m saying —”

O-Ren’s sword at the Chechen’s throat stopped his words as if cutting them down.

“There is nothing you need to say,” O-Ren said.

The Chechen fell silent.

O-Ren turned back to Sonya. “You brought Black Canary here?”

“Lady doesn’t like being left out of a party, especially when she’d miss the chance to beat the shit out of the people who tried to kill her,” Sonya said.

O-Ren lowered her head in thought. Moments later, she slid the ninja-to into its scabbard.

“Our man Kano completed the disruption of your rival’s operation. In turn, you will take this shipment of the product and distribute it on behalf of my mistress.

“We will expect the proceeds in two weeks.”

The Chechen pointed at Sonya. “What about the cop?”

O-Ren’s eyes settled on the Seattle detective. At least the Asian mobster’s blade was sheathed this time.

Then Sonya noticed a small item fall and land a few yards behind O-Ren. Instinctively, Sonya closed her eyes and turned away from the object.

Suddenly, a bright light flared out from the object. Two more lights flared from other spots around the group of criminals.

A thunderous bang accompanied the lights.

The Chechen’s mobsters grabbed their ears and closed their eyes, but the damage was done. They stumbled about trying to get their bearings.

The ninjas fared better; four of them drew bows and searched the area for the source of the flash-bang grenade attack.

The two with Sonya moved to O-Ren’s side, flanking her with their swords drawn.

O-Ren and the Chechen were also nominally affected by the burst of light and sound. O-Ren drew her sword and prepared for any attack.

The Chechen grabbed his man Abram (still blinking away the flash) and dragged him toward one of the sedans.

It wasn’t over.

A sound like a screaming banshee came from outside. Part of the concrete sliding door blew in, revealing a blonde woman in fishnet stockings on the other side.

From above, a woman in black and yellow swooped down, using her cape like a makeshift parachute.

The form stomped on two mobsters on the way down and stood her ground against O-Ren and her two ninjas.

“You and your mistress aren’t welcome in Gotham,” the newcomer in black said.

It’s on like Donkey Kong! At last! The Birds of Prey in action! Tomorrow!

Just starting with us? Read it from the beginning! Birds of Prey, Part One

While writing this fanfiction, I used Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition RPG, to leave some things to chance. Check it out!

Like this Birds of Prey fanfiction? Check out Mark’s original “Shadowdance” saga books!

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