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Fanfiction: Birds of Prey, part 41 (of 43)

Batgirl and Black Canary chase down the Chechen.

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Batgirl Birds of Prey fanfiction

The Chechen probably figured he’d made a clean getaway, what with the costumed heroes occupied by O-Ren and her ninja. He could afford to take the fastest route home on Gotham’s main roads.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t afford to attract police attention. That’d be a risk he’d take to embrace a swift escape.

Luck played in favor of Batgirl and Black Canary.

A block ahead, the Chechen was stopped at a red light. Taking advantage, Batgirl shot in front of the Chechen, screeching to a halt in the empty intersection.

Batgirl smiled at the look of surprise from Abram, the Chechen’s second-in-command. He was driving. The Chechen was in back relaxing as if he’d already made his escape.

Black Canary did her thing.

She directed her Canary Cry at the hood of the Chechen’s sedan. The attack pressed the hood down, an impression of the engine beneath coming through its metal.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to stop the engine. Red light or no, Abram slammed his foot on the gas pedal. The sedan lurched forward.

Batgirl turned the throttle, speeding the Batcycle out of harm’s way.

The sudden acceleration nearly threw Canary from the bike. She grabbed on to Batgirl, causing the wounded vigilante to wince. Canary apologized.

The Chechen’s sedan sped through the intersection. It barely missing a minivan with an Uber logo in the window that was turning onto the street.

Batgirl weaved around the van and pursued the Chechen’s vehicle.

“Get me beside him!” Black Canary yelled.

Batgirl accelerated. Abram jerked the car intending to sideswipe Batgirl, but she steered away and hit the gas.

Swerving back, she pulled ahead of the Chechen’s car but maintained a parallel course.

Turning to the sedan, Canary let loose with another targeted sonic attack. Unfortunately, Batgirl had to swerve around an incoming car.

Canary’s blast carved up the pavement to the side of the sedan.

Abram accelerated and turned, aiming the sedan at the back of the Batcycle. Batgirl eased the breaks and pulled to the sedan’s driver’s side. She maintained speed to stay even with Abram in the driver’s seat.

Black Canary blew Abram a kiss — and then lashed out with her Canary Cry.

The sedan’s door dented from the impact. Abram’s hands left the wheel to cover his ears. The car steered to the right, away from the Batcycle.

Batgirl glanced over and saw the Chechen yelling at Abram from the backseat.

Abram’s hands quickly went back to the wheel. He swerved the car back onto the street, narrowly avoiding a collision with a streetlight.

Looking ahead, Batgirl realized they’d moved into the Diamond District. They had several miles of road before getting to the Bowery.

Still, this district housed some of the wealthiest merchandise in Gotham.

Racing as they were, they’d surely draw a police response. The GCPD meant well, but they could become a hindrance to capturing the Chechen.

“In my belt! Right side, fourth pouch from the front!” Batgirl said to Canary. “Grab one of the explosive pellets!”

While reaching for the object, Canary asked, “Why the hell do you have explosive pellets?”

“To stop cars, among other things! When we get close, throw it at the engine! Do not throw it in the car!”

Abram abruptly turned a corner. Batgirl followed his maneuver but now was behind the sedan. She accelerated.

Abram tried to cut her off, but she again sped in front of him. He sideswiped a parked car on the oncoming traffic side of the street.

“Think I got it!” Canary said. Then a capsule fell from Batgirl’s utility belt and onto the street behind them. A cloud of smoke burst from the capsule.

“One pouch back!” Batgirl said.

Behind them, Abram swerved through the smoke but appeared barely in control of his vehicle.

“Got it!” Canary said. “For real this time!”

“Better idea,” Batgirl said. “I’m bringing you in close! Pin it to the side of the car!”

“Cuz that’s so much easier!” Canary said.

“Hang on!”

Batgirl eased the breaks. The sedan swerved away from the Batcycle and pushed ahead of them.

“I thought you said in close!” Canary yelled. Despite the added distance, Canary threw the explosive pellet. It landed against the driver’s side of the front of the sedan.

Batgirl slammed both the foot and hand brakes, bringing the Batcycle to a complete stop. She pulled out the detonator for the explosive.

The sedan had moved nearly half a block away when the explosive detonated. The front driver’s side of the car buckled.

Abram lost control. The damaged vehicle crashed through a sidewalk newspaper stand, flinging papers everywhere.

Losing speed but still moving, the sedan next crashed into a storefront. Glass shattered; metal bent.

Luckily, the car didn’t go far into the establishment.

Neither the Chechen nor Abram immediately came out.

“Property damage a normal thing for you?” Black Canary asked.

“Thankfully, Batman has deep pockets,” Batgirl said as she climbed off the bike.

Black Canary followed suit. The duo cautiously approached the sedan.

Whew! Take the weekend to get over that adrenaline rush. When we come back, we’ll wrap up this “Birds of Prey” fanfiction!

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While writing this fanfiction, I used Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition RPG, to leave some things to chance. Check it out!

Like this Birds of Prey fanfiction? Check out Mark’s original “Shadowdance” saga books!

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