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Fanfiction: Birds of Prey, part 42 (of 43)

Winding down this “Birds of Prey” fanfiction! Black Canary and Batgirl finish up with the Chechen. Meanwhile, how’d Sonya do with the GCPD?

Black Canary Birds of Prey fanfiction

Black Canary had to hand it to Batgirl. The girl was wounded but still managed to handle her Batcycle with enough skill to perform a cross-city chase.

She also had a mind for tactics, snagging the Chechen with minimal damage to them.

She couldn’t say as much for the city, especially the diamond store the Chechen’s sedan had crashed into.

As a siren cut through the night air, Black Canary and Batgirl cautiously approached the sedan. Neither the Chechen nor his driver had stepped out of the vehicle.

Hopefully, the crash knocked them out. Canary knew to never think she’d be that lucky.

The sedan’s passenger door flew open. The Chechen fell out of the vehicle. He had a gun in his hand.

Before Canary could react, Batgirl had thrown a bat-shaped object that struck the Chechen’s hand.

The Chechen yelled and dropped the gun.

Canary ran up on the Chechen and stood in front of him. He sat up, leaning back against the car while holding the hand injured by Batgirl’s attack.

“You’ve got me, screaming lady,” he said. “But do not think for a moment —”

Black Canary kicked the Chechen in the face, knocking him unconscious.

Batgirl stepped next to Canary. “With your sense of tact, I’m surprised you and Batman don’t get along,” she said.

“I think it’s that sense of tact that gets on his nerves,” Canary said. “And let the record show that I let this guy live.”

“So noted,” Batgirl said.

The Gotham vigilante moved to the driver’s seat. Seeing Abram slumped over the steering wheel, she turned back to Canary.

“GCPD can hold these two on some vehicular charges and that property damage,” Batgirl began. “Their weapons were probably illegally obtained, so there’s that too.”

“Unfortunately, that explosion probably destroyed whatever evidence was in O-Ren’s rail car,” Canary said.

Batgirl solemnly nodded.

“Life as a Gotham vigilante always like this?” Canary asked. “Get the bad guy, but they eventually get away to piss you off another day?”

“I think you’ll find that all crime-fighting is like that no matter which side of the law line you’re on.”

Black Canary thought for a moment. “Honestly though? The vigilante side is a hell of a lot more fun.”

Batgirl smiled. “No medical or 401k, and you could die pretty easily.”

“You’re too good at this to die easily.”

“Not so bad yourself. Maybe we can use this to put in a good word with Batman. Have you around if needed.”

Black Canary held up her hands. “Thanks, but I can live without the Big Bat breathing down my neck.”

“It’s not so bad,” Batgirl said. “Lots of neat perks.”

“Like explosive pellets and smoke bombs?”

“That’s just the obvious stuff!”

Black Canary saw flashing red and blue lights turn the corner two blocks away. The accompanying siren grew louder.

“How tight are you with the GCPD?” she asked Batgirl.

“They don’t mind us vigilantes as long as we stay out of the spotlight.”

“Then I guess we’d better go check in with Sonya.”

mortal kombat logo fanfiction

Sonya stood in front of the burning maintenance building, her hands raised, and her Seattle detective badge in hand.

The GCPD personnel pulled in front of her at a safe distance. Uniformed cops took up positions on their squad cars. SWAT personnel poured out of their vehicle and did the same.

Sonya identified herself, yelling over the raging fire behind her and the wail of sirens. The SWAT commanded crab-walked toward Sonya with an assault rifle trained on her.

The Seattle detective made no sudden movements.

Checking her badge, the SWAT commander lowered her weapon. “Gordon aid he had a tip from Batgirl that the Chechen was working a deal at this location. What are you doing here?”

“Followed the Chechen here, got captured by O-Ren Ishii,” Sonya said.

Off the commanders questioning gaze, she added, “Ishii works for a drug lord from Seattle, China White. I’m investigating her.

“Call Gordon. He gave me permission to snoop around.”

The commander looked to the building behind them. “That looks a bit more than just snooping around, detective.”

Sonya shrugged.

Whew! Just one more chapter to close this thing out. Come back tomorrow for the epilogue to this “Birds of Prey” fanfiction!

While writing this fanfiction, I used Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition RPG, to leave some things to chance. Check it out!

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