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Fanfiction: Birds of Prey, part 5 (of 43)

In this continuing fanfiction, Black Canary and Sonya Blade finally corner their prey — the international criminal Kano.

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Black Canary and Sonya Blade approached the closed door leading to the electrical room.

“You wait here, stop anybody from getting out,” Sonya suggested.

“No chance,” Canary said, favoring her non-wounded leg as they stopped before the door. “I still have one good leg and two good hands.”

Sonya looked at Canary. Sonya had used the lower section of her shirt as a tourniquet for the wound in Canary’s thigh. The vigilante limped from the wound but pressed forward anyway.

“Sure I can’t talk you out of this?” Sonya asked.

Canary thought for a moment. “That Scorpion guy is gonna get up from a headshot?”

“He’s an enforcer for China White, leader of the Seattle Triads. He was probably here to protect White’s assets. Kano’s her connect with Madripoor for drugs.”

“There are drugs on this boat?” Canary asked.

Sonya looked incredulous. “What exactly do you do as a vigilante?”

Cowed, Black Canary replied, “I’m the low-end flunky kinda vigilante. Purse snatchers, bank robbers, pimps. Haven’t worked my way up the organized crime ladder.”

Sonya shook her head. “And yet here you are, wounded and everything, with no understanding of why.”

“The ‘why’ is I’m stopping my friend from ruining her career with a single gunshot.”

Sonya’s expression softened. She checked her sidearm, making sure she had a fresh clip. “We’ll worry about Scorpion later. Let’s get Kano.”

“Without putting a bullet in him?” Canary asked.

“Well, not a fatal one, anyway,” Sonya replied.

Black Canary grudgingly nodded. Referring to Sonya’s sidearm, she added, “Just watch the ricochet with that thing.”

“And no Canary Cry in here. You’ll either sink the ship or knock me out in the crossfire.”

“You think it’ll be that tight in there?”

“Why else would Kano pick this as his last stand?”

Canary processed that tactic. “Point taken.”

Sonya motioned for the Canary to take the door. When Black Canary was in position, Sonya held up a hand and extended three fingers. She did a silent countdown.

On her closed fist, Canary threw open the engine room door. Sonya went in low. Canary slipped in behind her.

The ship’s electrical room was a contained area of catwalks, transformers, and the other large machinery necessary to keep the ship’s electrical system humming.

There were plenty of places to hide, which meant plenty of places to lay in ambush.

For an electrical room, the space also lacked proper lighting.

Sonya made her way through the gloom, Black Canary limping along close behind her. They cleared the main catwalk. A stairwell led down to a lower level. After checking that the Canary was ready, Sonya descended.

“Look out!” the Canary warned.

Sonya saw it too.

Three levels down the stairwell, a red orb glowed in the dim light. From Sonya’s research into the criminal, Sonya knew it wasn’t just an orb — it was an eye.

Kano lost his real eye during a martial arts contest, supposedly one in another dimension for the fate of the Earth.

It sure beats a story about a bar fight, which Sonya tended to believe more than something called “Mortal Kombat.”

Sonya stepped back from the stairs.  A beam of energy blasted from Kano’s eye and tore through the ceiling above them.

“He can’t aim at both of us!” Canary declared. She leaped down to the landing between the first and second levels, grunting upon impact and falling against the rail.

Sonya drew her sidearm and aimed at Kano.

Canary waved her off. “I thought we said no shooting in tight spaces!”

To be Thursday… which will give you an excuse to sneak away from the family at Thanksgiving!

While writing this fanfiction, I used Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition RPG, to leave some things to chance. Check it out!

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