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My horror short film is coming to Amazon Prime!

ORLANDO, FL — November 25, 2019 — Local filmmaker Mark Wooden’s short horror film will premiere on Amazon Prime on December 28th, 2019.

(Updated June 2020 to add trailer and Amazon link.)

Landing on Amazon Prime

In “Where the Heart Bleeds,” an angry father violently interrupts a video chat between estranged sisters. However, their technology reveals a different, more sinister story.

Wooden chose the date of December 28th for the Amazon Prime release because it is the second anniversary of shooting the film.

“I self-published my novels on Amazon and was pleased to learn I could do the same with ‘Where the Heart Bleeds,’” Wooden says.

His team is working on a teaser for the film to air on YouTube and Vimeo for promotional purposes.

Festival Selection prior to Amazon Prime

Earlier this year, Wooden’s film was an official entry in both the Central Florida Film Festival and the horror-themed Spooky Empire International Film Festival.

Hellraiser set signed by CLive Barker and Ashley Laurence
“Hellraiser” set signed by horror icons Clive Barker and Ashley Laurence

At Spooky Empire, Wooden had a special moment sharing the making of the film with horror icon Clive Barker.

Mr. Barker approved the title and mentioned actor Mike R. Tinker, who plays the father, definitely had a sinister look about him.

Spooky Empire holds another special place in production. Wooden met special effects designer Alan Ostrander of AEO Studios at the 2017 Spooky event.

A twenty-year veteran of the make-up and effects industry, Ostrander provided the special blood effects and the look for the demonic Presence (which Mr. Barker also approved).

Origins of the horror short film

“Where the Heart Bleeds” was initially a feature-length horror movie.

“Setting up a feature-length film is a daunting task for a first-time producer,” Wooden says. “Instead, I focused on the opening five minutes of the feature.”

Wooden gathered friends with industry experience to assist in production.

The filmmakers

“I met co-producer Valensky Sylvain (of Dark Elf Films) while working on another friend’s production,” Wooden says. “He brought on actors Rebecca David and Alex Chamberlain and our editor.”

Co-producer Audrey DeLong attended the University of Tampa with Wooden. After college, she produced reality television shows and several seasons of the “John Madden Football” video game for EA Games.

Actress Dani Christina Miller is the cover model for Wooden’s “Shadowdance” action/ urban fantasy novels.

Mike R. Tinker has acted in several feature films, including “94 Feet” and “Scattered.”

Friends from college, Tinker and Wooden had always dreamed of shooting a movie together. To make that dream happen, Tinker drove down from Atlanta despite having his arm set in a cast that day.

Score and sound mix duties fell to two other friends Wooden met in the freelance world.

Eric Dez, a working DJ in Miami and Orlando, Florida, composed the score. Mike Blaty, an alum of studio work with famed recording engineer Tom Dowd, mixed sound.

Amazon Prime and beyond

The crew shot “Where the Heart Bleeds” in Wooden’s house. Fake blood still stains the office’s carpet. “It’s totally worth it to have completed the project,” he says.

“Where the Heart Bleeds” is a co-production between Wooden’s Wooden Shed Creative and Sylvain’s Dark Elf Films. Both are Orlando-based production companies.

Wooden has another horror short film planned. He also continues to work on his “Shadowdance” novels. Wooden’s fanfiction earned him notice as a SYFY Wire Fan Creator.

For more on “Where the Heart Bleeds,” check out the website.



This year marks the tenth anniversary of Wooden Shed Creative. Lead Creative Mark Wooden started the company to publish his “Shadowdance” action/ urban fantasy novels.

The company expanded to include a return to freelance work as a video engineer and camera switcher.

As a freelance tech, Wooden worked with entertainment artists Jimmy Buffett, Mary J Blidge, and Aaron Carter.

He has also worked for corporate clients, including the Walt Disney Company, Microsoft, and the HealthSouth Medical Group.

In addition to his novels and freelance work, Wooden intends to continue producing short films, ultimately building to that feature.


Mark Wooden,, 407-497-5392


Here’s the link to Amazon.

Also, catch the trailer!

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