My “Birds of Prey” fanfiction concludes as Batgirl, Sonya Blade and Black Canary meet one more time — over chicken tenders and cheesecake.

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It took until late into the afternoon for Sonya Blade to satisfy Commissioner Gordon with her report on the situation at the Tricorner Railyard. When she exited the GCPD headquarters, Sonya found Dinah waiting for her.

Studying Sonya’s beatdown expression, Dinah asked, “Went that well, huh?”

Sonya gave a nervous laugh. She then followed Dinah towards a parking lot a few blocks down.

“The explosion destroyed any trace of whatever White tried to get into Gotham,” Sonya began. “The ninjas turn to ash and O-Ren escaped. The only evidence we have that something happened in the railyard —”

“Besides the explosion,” Canary said.

“Besides the explosion,” Sonya continued, “is the Chechen and his man getting caught with their car partially in a store in the Diamond District.

“GCPD reports he had a high-speed chase with Batgirl and an unidentified blonde woman.”

Sonya looked knowingly at Dinah. “Guess you two are playing nice now?”

The Seattle-based women reached their rental car. As they got in, Dinah said, “So nice she hooked us up with first-class tickets out of Gotham tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? We were leaving tonight?”

Dinah smiled. “She wanted to say goodbye.”

Batgirl Birds of Prey fanfiction

“Ta dah! Dinner is served!”

Dinah and Sonya looked at the tray before them and saw the best-looking display of chicken tenders they’d ever seen.

Batgirl, dressed in full costume, set the tray down on the table.

The three women were on a rooftop in Old Gotham with a view of the downtown area at night. Batgirl had arranged the meeting, complete with the dinner of entrée and dessert.

Dinah looked at Batgirl. “You sure you’re not still in college?” she asked. Pointing to the tenders and small refrigerator displaying a cheesecake, she added, “Cuz that is totally college food.”

Sonya nudged Dinah with her foot under the table. Dinah grunted and glared at Sonya, who gave her The Look. Dinah backed off.

“It’s kinda hard to transport food on a motorcycle,” Batgirl said in an apologetic tone.

“I’d treat you ladies to some of the best Chinese food in Gotham, but it’d be awkward to walk in wearing this,” she said, referring to her costume.

“You could always take it off,” Dinah said. Waving at her and Sonya, she said, “You know who we are under the mask. Well, my mask.”

“And don’t worry. Your secret is safe,” Batgirl said. “I don’t want to burden you with mine.”

“After all we’ve been through?” Sonya asked.

Dinah looked at Sonya. “Batman doesn’t want her to do it.”

Both Seattle women looked at Batgirl. The Gotham vigilante shrugged.

“Honestly, he didn’t want me to do this, but I’m a bit more social than him. Such a boy’s club in Gotham.”

Dinah whispered to Sonya. “Bet Batman also got us those first-class tickets to get out of town.”

Batgirl sat at the table with the other women. “Actually, he had tickets for tonight. I changed them up. I also paid for the rest of your travel expenses.”

Both Sonya and Dinah were surprised.

“Unexpected, but appreciated,” Sonya said.

Dinah gave Batgirl a playful punch. “You’re okay, Batgirl. Whoever you are. But coming to an Ashes on Sunday concert in costume may be just as awkward.”

“Or maybe,” Sonya said, “I will get that mask and join her. Less awkward if there’s two.”

Batgirl smiled. She grabbed a fork and started on the tenders. The other women joined her.

“You’ll need a codename,” Batgirl said.

“Really?” Sonya asked, not fond of the idea.”

“We can’t call you Detective Sonya!” Dinah said. “You’re already in enough trouble with your boss! Then you go full vigilante on him?”

Sonya thought for a moment. Looking at Batgirl, she asked, “Did you pick Batgirl?”

Batgirl shrugged. “Robin used it so much it kinda just fell on me.”

“Robin. Black Canary. Seeing a trend with your partners,” Dinah said.

“Oh, we’re partners now?” Batgirl asked.

“Partners, friends, girl who worships my rockstar lifestyle.”

Batgirl nudged Dinah.

“Maybe I should be Falcon or something,” Sonya said thoughtfully.

“Think that’s taken,” Dinah said. “Dude in New York with some military gear that has wings.”

“Mockingbird?” Sonya asked.

“Think there’s a SHIELD agent using that,” Batgirl said.

Sonya continued to eat and think. Suddenly, she burst out, “Sparrow! Nobody’d have that!”

Dinah gave her a look. “Nobody’d use that.”

Batgirl shrugged. “It’s kinda cool.”

“Thank you!” Sonya said.

Dinah stuck her tongue out at Sonya.

“Practically birds of prey,” Batgirl said.

Both Sonya and Black Canary looked at Batgirl while in mid-bite.

“What?” Batgirl asked.

Well, that’s all for my first “Birds of Prey” fanfiction.

I had so much fun, I really wanna start another one. I’ve got a sequel idea that will include the origin of one Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow, bring back O-Ren and China White and fulfill Dinah’s promise of getting Batgirl into an Ashes on Sunday concert.

All jumbled ideas I may get to one day. And there’s still the matter of what Batman was doing with the missing Lemarchand’s Box. Can you say Batman/ Riddler/ Hellraiser story?

Watch this space and thanks for reading! Share with friends!

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