Superman, Captain Marvel and Kara Zor-El

In the latest installment of Mark Wooden’s fanfiction, Captain Marvel (a.k.a. Carol Danvers) protets a SHIELD shuttle from a teenaged girl proclaiming herself as Kara Zor-El, herald of Darkseid.

Whoever Darkseid is.

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Flying back to space from the surface of the moon, Captain Marvel acknowledged General Fury’s statement, but she hoped to finish this mess long before any support arrived, especially if that support was Iron Man.

He’d probably spend more time hitting on this Kara girl than trying to subdue her.

Then again, if that worked, it’d save her some bruises.

The SHIELD pilot had lost control of the shuttle; it wobbled in space aimlessly. Flying to the back of the shuttle, Marvel saw why.

Kara had ripped off the three main engines. The two minor engines were for controlled bursts. Other thrusters could maintain course but couldn’t get forward propulsion.

The shuttle was effectively dead in space.

Normally, Marvel would now give Kara a warning to back off. However, without a commlink to her, she couldn’t tell her anything in the vacuum of space. Which was okay with Marvel; she had some payback to dish out.

That payback began with a right hook that caught Kara’s chin. The blonde teen spun away from Danvers and the shuttle. Marvel followed the girl. As Kara spun, her eyes took on that red glow again.

Kara steadied herself and faced Marvel. Red beams fired at the SHIELD super-agent. The captain smiled and let the beams slam into her.

Kara couldn’t have known that part of the “marvel” of Captain Marvel was the ability to absorb and ultimately repurpose energy.

Unfortunately, doing so did hurt a bit.

Kara’s beams burnt off most of Danvers’ space suit, partially revealing her Captain Marvel attire underneath.

The captain’s other “marvels” included the power of flight and super-strength. She also had a level of invulnerability that made her capable of surviving in most environments, including the coldness of space.

With this in mind, the captain tore away the remainder of the space suit revealing her skin-tight jumpsuit, mostly dark blue with red highlights around the chest and neck.

Boots, gloves, and a belt-sash (all red) and a yellow star on the chest completed the uniform.

Losing the space suit also meant losing communication with SHIELD, but Marvel could live with that. She had to focus on kicking butt anyway.

And now she had some added energy to do just that.

Curious to see how Kara liked a blast of energy, Danvers, now in full-on Captain Marvel mode, fired a blast of white-hot energy back at the teen. The girl flew around the blast and closed in on the captain.

Another laser bolt, this one from the shuttle, shot past Kara. She stopped, looked to the cannon that had fired upon her. She was far from pleased.

Captain Marvel wished her fellow agents would either shoot straight or stay out of this.

Predictably, Kara flew straight at the cannon and ripped it off the shuttle. She looked to have a bit of trouble with the feat; perhaps Marvel’s punch did more damage than she’d thought.

Marvel blasted the shell of a cannon with another energy beam, destroying it before it became a potential weapon.

As if Kara needed one to dole out punishment.

One second Kara was by the shuttle. In the next, she floated in front of Captain Marvel. The captain shook her head in astonishment. Kara swung a right hook of her own. It connected, sending Marvel spinning back toward the moon.

In a red, black and blonde blur, Kara flew to Marvel and swung at her again. Marvel parried the blow, opting to return the punch in kind. She clobbered Kara across her cheek.

Kara turned back to Captain Marvel and smiled.

The teen tried to grab Marvel; Marvel brushed her arms aside and kicked her in the stomach, pushing the girl away.

Kara opted to continue her flight and moved alongside the awkwardly spinning shuttle. Marvel closed the distance between them.

Kara threw a punch, connected. Marvel felt a bit of a daze after that one. She didn’t have time to shake it off as another hard right connected with her stomach. The teen girl packed a punch.

A slugfest wasn’t the way Captain Marvel would take her down.

Pressing off Kara with her feet, the Captain sailed away from Kara and the shuttle. Kara moved for one of the broken pieces of the engines. Marvel blasted her with more energy. She swore she saw Kara grimace at the impact.

Marvel had one more good blast before she’d exhaust the power Kara had inadvertently given her. All she had to do was dodge the incoming engine parts to get that chance. Easily done, all while firing another blast from her hand.

This one grazed the teen but didn’t seem to slow her down.

Then a red and blue streak blew past Captain Marvel. She had enough time to register it had come from Earth before it shot back past her on a return flight.

Looking to the shuttle, Captain Marvel saw that Kara Zor-El was gone.

To be continued…

While writing this fanfiction, I used Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition RPG, to leave some things to chance. Check it out!

Like this fanfiction? Check out Mark’s original “Shadowdance” saga books!

Author’s Note:

The characters Maria Hill, Captain Marvel/ Carol Danvers, SHIELD, Abigail Brand and Nick Fury are Copyright Marvel Comics

The characters Superman/ Clark Kent/ Kal-El, Supergirl/ Kara Zor-El, Darkseid, Maggie Sawyer, Solomon Grundy and Parademons are Copyright DC Comics

I don’t own any of the characters as this is fanfiction, done for fun and as a creative exercise

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