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Fanfiction: Spider-Man vs. the Hulk (4 of 8)

Peter pursues the saboteur, Dr. Janus. But he’ll have to do it without his Spider-Man gear.

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Dr. Janus acted the part of a frightened lab technician. Amid the confusion, military police ushered him with the other personnel outside the building but within the base’s fencing.  

Janus found several other people gathered in the area. He used them as camouflage and made his way to a jeep.

Two military policemen confronted him. Janus dispatched them with his handgun and used the jeep to attempt an escape through the front gate.

The confusion in the camp had also allowed Parker to make it outside. He caught sight of Janus driving his jeep toward the main gate. At speed, the jeep would tear through the gate, allowing the saboteur to escape.

Seeing the fallen MPS, Parker grabbed one of their helmets, which had a face shield. Concealing his identity, Parker leaped across the other parked jeeps. His last leap landed him in the back of Janus the saboteur’s jeep —

But his feet slipped. Parker just managed to grab hold of the jeep’s roll bar before falling out of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, that left him at a disadvantage to the saboteur.

Spotting the free-rider, Janus pointed his gun behind him and fired at Parker. Parker pulled himself onto the vehicle, barely avoiding the bullet.

“Wait a minute!” Parker said. “You’re not my Uber!”

While steering the jeep toward the gate, Janus tried to get a clear shot at Parker. Parker smacked the gun out of Janus’s hand. “You are so not getting a five-star rating for this ride!”

Parker then tried to slam his opponent’s face into the steering wheel, but the saboteur jerked the wheel. Parker failed at his attempt and nearly fell out of the jeep again.

“I’m starting to think you don’t want me on here,” Parker said. He spared a glance and saw four Army soldiers armed with assault rifles at the gate. One waved them off, shouting about firing if they didn’t.

The masked Parker punched the saboteur in the face. The jeep swerved away from the gate. “Better stop this crazy thing before the shooting starts!” Parker suggested.

Janus turned the jeep back toward the gate. “I’m the one behind the bulletproof windshield!” he said.

“Fair point,” Parker said as he saw the soldiers aim at the jeep.

Parker grabbed the steering wheel. Using his super-strength to overpower the saboteur, he twisted the wheel. The jeep veered away from the gate. Parker then yanked the wheel free from its mounting.

“Always love a souvenir,” Parker said. He then did an acrobatic leap off the jeep, landing on his feet a distance behind the vehicle.

Janus dove out of the uncontrollable jeep. It sped along, crashing into a building at the corner of the base’s fencing.

Parker looked behind him and saw the soldiers quickly approaching. “Surprisingly, I’m not one for small talk, just quips.” Parker ran toward the tower the jeep had collided into.

Two of the soldiers opened fire at Parker, but the shots were easy for his spider-sense-enhanced reflexes to avoid. He bounded up the side of the building and over the fence to safety.

As Parker ran away toward his spider-gear, he heard a series of explosions coming from the base. He couldn’t suit up soon enough. Sure, he’d give a giant tell as to his true identity, but peoples’ lives were in danger.

With his power, he had a responsibility to do something about that.

To be continued next Tuesday!

Author’s Note:

The characters Spider-Man/ Peter Parker, Richard and Mary Parker, Ben and May Parker, the Hulk/ Bruce Banner, Betsy Ross, “Thunderbolt” Ross, SHIELD, and Nick Fury are Copyright Marvel Comics

None of the characters belong to me as this is fanfiction, done for fun and as a creative exercise


  • M
    Posted November 8, 2019 at 3:21 pm

    This was a lot of fun, for a start. Looking forward to more!

    • Post Author
      Posted November 9, 2019 at 7:30 pm

      Thanks! I’m working on a Birds of Prey story with Batgirl, Black Canary and Sonya Blade. Until then, there’s a Batman/ Iron Man/ Batgirl and some other fanfics to tide you over!

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