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Fanfiction: Spider-Man vs. the Hulk (5 of 8)

Peter Parker returns to the site of Dr. Bruce Banner’s sabotaged experiment as Spider-Man. He encounters the Hulk.

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Ten minutes later, Parker returned to the military base costumed as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The place was in chaos.

The front gates were open. People of all stripes scrambled to get off the base. Flames and smoke consumed the area. Spider-Man didn’t recognize the building he’d used for escape.

Something had leveled it to a pile of smoke and rubble. It wouldn’t take much for the building to collapse onto itself.

It looked like something Rhino or Shocker would cause. What stood within the rubble was decidedly not those costumed villains. Spider-Man gulped behind his mask.

In the next moment, the smoke near the central building cleared enough for him to get a look.

“It’s a giant green… hulk,” Spider-Man said aloud. Then he remembered that the gamma bomb had released radiation. If his and Banner’s theory of gamma radiation causing super-powers was indeed correct —

“Oh no! Is that — Dr. Banner?”

Two soldiers with a rocket launcher between them emerged from the wreckage of the garage. They aimed at the Hulk.

“All that’s gonna do is —” Spider-Man began.

The soldiers fired their rocket. It hit the Hulk in its back. The creature roared and then looked straight at the soldiers with the launcher.

Spider-Man put his palm to his face. “All that’s gonna do is piss it off.”

The Hulk took a step toward the soldiers. They scrambled to reload, but their fear betrayed their motor skills. They wouldn’t get off another shot before the Hulk got to them.

“If someone asks why Spider-Man is here, I’ll just say I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque,” Spider-Man mused.

He sprang into the air, firing a strand of webbing from both web-shooters. Spider-Man successfully webbed the Hulk’s feet to the ground. With an acrobatic leap, he landed a few yards behind the Hulk.

“Hey there! Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, way out of his neighborhood!”

The soldiers with the launcher forgotten, the Hulk looked at Spider-Man. The creature stood three feet taller than the nearly six-foot hero. “You’re a lot bigger in person,” Spider-Man quipped.

The Hulk growled and tried to lift its foot to turn and face Spider-Man. He couldn’t do it.

“Yeah, about your feet,” Spider-Man began. “You stay right there while I —”

The Hulk clenched his fists. He let out a furious roar. He then yanked one foot free of the webbing.

“Okay…” Spider-Man said.

The Hulk freed his other foot and turned to face Spider-Man. The masked vigilante fired two more shots of webbing, this time covering the Hulk’s eyes.

The creature ripped the webbing from its face.

Looking at the web-shooters on his wrists, Spider-Man said, “Back to the lab again, yo!”

Before the Hulk could attack, he took another rocket to the back. The creature roared, more from annoyance than pain.

Spider-Man fired two more shots of webbing. These two went past the Hulk and attached themselves to the building behind him.

Spidey leaped backward, allowing the webbing to slingshot him at the Hulk. His feet landed squarely in the creature’s chest, the force driving the Hulk off his feet and back into the wreckage behind them.

More wreckage fell, burying the Hulk. Spider-Man did an acrobatic leap away from the creature.

“Stay down, Dr. Banner,” Spidey said under his breath, more like a request than a demand. He unleashed another batch of webbing over the wreckage encasing the Hulk. “If you are still Dr. Banner.”

Suddenly, Spider-Man’s spider-sense went off. He saw the Hulk’s collision had dislodged a section of the already crumbling building. Another section of the damaged building threatened to come down.

The two soldiers with the rocket launcher were about to get buried.

To be continued next Thursday!

Author’s Note:

The characters Spider-Man/ Peter Parker, Richard and Mary Parker, Ben and May Parker, the Hulk/ Bruce Banner, Betsy Ross, “Thunderbolt” Ross, SHIELD, and Nick Fury are Copyright Marvel Comics

None of the characters belong to me as this is fanfiction, done for fun and as a creative exercise

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