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Fanfiction: Spider-Man vs. the Hulk (6 of 8)

Spider-Man races to save innocents from the wreckage of his fight with the Hulk — who may be an irradiated Dr. Bruce Banner.

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“Hold on!” Spider-Man yelled to the two soldiers under the precariously balanced wreckage.

The hero web zipped over to the soldiers just as a large chunk of broken concrete collapsed on their position.

Spider-Man caught the slab of concrete, easily keeping it above head height as the soldiers fell to the ground beside him and covered their heads.

“You’re okay!” Spidey said. “But I’d get going if I were you!”

Both soldiers thanked Spider-Man as they scurried through the wreckage to safety.

Then Spidey heard his webbing ripping. He looked to the area where he’d subdued the Hulk. The creature beneath the rubble was forcing his way up.

“Do I have to drop the entire base on this thing?” Spider-Man asked no one in particular.

With a roar, the Hulk pressed his way out of the rubble. Standing, he pounded the ground with his massive fists.

Spider-Man threw the concrete slab he held at the Hulk. The concrete smashed against the Hulk’s rugged exterior, causing about as much non-damage as the rocket launcher.

It did, however, get the creature’s attention.

“Let’s try this again, but with more web!” Spider-Man said.

He unleashed a barrage of webbing, once again ensnaring the Hulk’s feet and securing them to the ground. The Hulk grabbed at the webbing. Spider-Man continued to spray, encasing the Hulk’s hands too.

“Hope this works cuz I think I’m gonna be out soon!” Spider-Man said. The webbing buried the Hulk from his knees down with the thing’s hands caught in the webbing.

This time, the webbing held.

Spider-Man wiped his gloved hand over his masked face. “Whew!” he said.

The Hulk continued to roar, but the webbing immobilized him. Spider-Man approached the creature, getting a good look at it.

“I hope you’re in there, Dr. Banner,” Spider-Man began, “and I hope we can figure out whatever happened to you.”

In his five years as the costumed hero Spider-Man, Peter Parker had seen many eye-opening and tragic things. Dr. Curt Connors came to mind. He was a professor at Empire State University, a mentor to Parker.

Unfortunately, Connors had consumed an untested serum he had hoped would give him the necessary regenerative powers to regrow his amputated arm.

Instead, it had turned Connors into the monster the Daily Bugle named the Lizard.

Spider-Man hoped Banner would not suffer the same fate.

“We’ll figure something out,” Spider-Man told the Hulk.

And then the Hulk ripped one of his hands free. Spider-Man backflipped out of harm’s way. The Hulk kept swinging and yelling but wasn’t a threat.

“Both of you stay where you are!”

Spider-Man recognized Thunderbolt Ross’s voice. Turning, he saw Ross heading up a team of Army Rangers, their assault rifles trained on him and the Hulk. The hero put up his hands to dissuade them from violence.

“Everything’s under control here, general!” he said.

“Then what the hell is that thing?” Ross demanded.

“Um… a Hulk?” Spider-Man replied. “But, he’s under control.”

The Hulk roared. The rangers raised their weapons to fire.

“Don’t shoot! It won’t hurt him anyway!” Spider-Man said. “Bigger problem, though. I think this is —” he hesitated. “I think this may be one of your scientists.”

Ross glared at Spider-Man. “How long is that gonna hold him?”

“An hour,” Spider-Man replied.

The Hulk roared and pulled at the webbing. It gave just the tiniest bit.

Spider-Man looked from the Hulk to Ross. “But if you’ve got a way to contain him, I’d get it here in forty-five.”

As if on cue, all those on the ground heard over a loudspeaker, “This is General Nick Fury. As of this moment, this entire facility is under the operational control of the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division.”

Spider-Man, Ross and his men looked to the sky to see five SHIELD heavy transport hoverjets above them.

To be continued next Tuesday

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Author’s Note:

The characters Spider-Man/ Peter Parker, Richard and Mary Parker, Ben and May Parker, the Hulk/ Bruce Banner, Betsy Ross, “Thunderbolt” Ross, SHIELD, and Nick Fury are Copyright Marvel Comics

None of the characters belong to me as this is fanfiction, done for fun and as a creative exercise

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