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Mark made a short horror film

Back in 2018, I shot a short horror film. Flash forward and that film spent some time on Amazon Prime but got pulled because reasons. Fine. This is the digital age. Here it is.

First, the short horror film trailer

Shout out to James Bennet for editing that trailer!

A brief history of this short horror film

Wooden Shed Creative teamed with Dark Elf Films to produce “Where the Heart Bleeds.”

You’ll see a familiar face on screen as I cast my “Shadowdance” saga cover girl, Dani Christina Miller, as one of the sisters.

Rebecca Eileen plays the other sister. Co-producer and member of Dark Elf Films Valenski Sylvain brought her to the show.

Sylvain also brought us Alex Chamberlain, our monster for the film.

Mike R. Tinker is a friend of mine from the college years. We’d made a gentleman’s agreement to one day work on a project together. The week of the shoot he had surgery on his arm and then drove down from Hotlanta to make that agreement a reality.

A view from the set of a short horror film

And now the main event!

For more information about “Where the Heart Bleeds” and the folks involved, check out its website. Thanks for watching it.

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