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My Thoughts – The Batman

The Batman!

Now y’all know I’m a big Batman fan. If ya didn’t know, now ya do.

Rather than give multiple versions of my thoughts, Imma start a new segment of my Thoughts From the Shed podcast.

I’m calling it “My Thoughts!”

Let’s start with The Batman!

YouTube Version

Audio Only Version

Creator Notes

When The Batman hits Blu-ray, I intend to grab a copy and do a full Thoughts From the Shed episode breaking it down.

There’s a bunch of great material in there from which creators can learn. Five minutes doesn’t do it justice.

Plus, here’s crossing the fingers that writer/ director Matt Reeves does some commentary to further educate us on the process.

Batman and Iron Man fan fiction
Two billionaires, two methods, one mission — one packing martinis

I mentioned some fanfiction I wrote featuring Batman. Here’s the link to his team-up with Iron Man I called Armored Underworld. It starts with Batgirl, but trust me, the Big Bat makes his mark.

I did an episode where I talked about the use of theme, or, having your creative work say something about society. It’s the episode “How to be a New Jack Writer.” Check it out.

These “My Thoughts” episodes won’t be a regular thing like the full episodes, but I’ll throw them out there from time to time.

Got any movie you’d like to see my thoughts on? Leave a comment below or on the writer Mark Wooden Instagram!

Thanks for watching!

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