Mark Wooden of Wooden Shed Creative

Mark Wooden at VW Press Conference Auto Show 2016

Greetings and salutations!

I’m Mark Wooden, Lead Creative at Wooden Shed Creative.

Early Video Work – Touring

I came right out of college into the world of video, working at a small dub house for (gasp!) VHS. Did a bit of editing there too. My editing skills earned me an editor/ video engineer spot on the HealthSouth “Go For It!” Roadshow.

The “Go For It!” show was an educational field trip for high schools. The show featured a variety of athletes like Troy Aiken, Bo Jackson, and Herschel Walker. It was held in arenas throughout the country.

This show earned me future spots on the Jimmy Buffett “Carnival” Tour and a variety of other tours and festivals.

While working the video field, I continued cultivating my writing skills with several feature-length scripts and the beginnings of my “Shadowdance” action/ urban fantasy saga.

Settling Down in the Corporate World

After a few years on the road, I settled down into a life of corporate video work. This brought me into contact with a myriad of clients. For the Walt Disney Company, I directed cameras for their “Twenty Plus” celebration. This two-night event included several musical performances as well as an awards portion.

I eventually went back to freelance work, helping companies like LMG, Showmasters and a variety of production companies with video needs. Freelancing also afforded me the time to write the first two “Shadowdance” novels and begin work on some short films.


In my twenty-plus years, I’ve acquired the following skills:

  • Client relations
  • Leading large crews of both stagehands and technicians
  • Ross Carbonite, For-A, Black Magic ATEM, and Panasonic video switchers
  • Analog Way Live Core large display switching
  • Intermediate video engineering
  • Creative writing/ show development/ show calling
  • Playback Pro Plus
  • PowerPoint Operation
  • Basic projection with Barco, Christie, and Panasonic projectors

Contact Info

Looking for a fun, dedicated, proficient and dependable video switcher/ engineer with twenty-plus years experience? You’ve found him!

I’m also available for creative writing opportunities, particularly of the screenplay variety. I look forward to making your works magical.

Simply fill out the contact form below and I’ll get back to you. Thanks!