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Urban Fantasy Characters

Many urban fantasy characters populate the “Shadowdance” saga.

Those who know of the supernatural, if not the Shadowdance itself, are called “the Initiated.”

Those individuals who do not know of the supernatural are called the “Uninitiated” by those Initiated.

These characters populate the many organizations that war withing the Shadowdance. Follow the link to learn about the Organizations of the Shadowdance.

Urban fantasy author Mark Wooden lists prominent Initiated urban fantasy characters below.

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For desktop users, hover over an image to get the character’s name, role in the Shadowdance, and two more buttons. The magnifying glass enlarges the image. The link takes you to the character’s information page.

For mobile users, press and hold on to the image to pull up the name, role, enlarge and link icons.

Character designs by Maja Kopunovic. Dani Christina Miller is the model for Adriana Dupre.

The Initiated

Characters of the “Shadowdance” Action/ Urban Fantasy Saga

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