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Origins of the Shadowdance urban fantasy saga

Author Mark Wooden welcomes you to the "Shadowdance" saga. - inspirations for an urban fantasy
Author Mark Wooden welcomes you to the “Shadowdance” saga.

Birth of an urban fantasy saga

Many millennia ago, the One God permitted the seraphim angel Yahweh the power to create a world – the birth of our universe.

Yahweh created the Earth and its creatures. Chief among them were Man and Woman, embodied by Adam and Lilith. Lilith refused subservience to Adam and left him. At Adam’s request, Yahweh created Eve.

Adam and Eve lived peacefully in the Garden of Eden worshipping Yahweh as their god.

Yahweh sought to keep Man worshipping solely it, hiding the existence of its master the One God in the Tree of Knowledge. He subsequently forbade Adam and Eve from eating the fruit of this tree.

Lilith’s Revenge

Spiteful, Lilith assumed the form of a serpent and seduced Eve into eating from the Tree of Knowledge.

Upon eating the fruit, Eve and Adam learned of the One God as Yahweh’s master. They swore allegiance to the One God. Original sin – the belief in the One God over Yahweh – was born. In turn, the One God proclaimed Man Her favored creatures.

Refusing to answer to inferior creatures, the archangel Lucifer led like-minded angels against the One God. The archangel Michael defeated Lucifer and his minions. The One God cast them out of Heaven and into Hell. Lucifer became the ruler of Hell under the new moniker Satan.

Yahweh’s Retribution and the Son of the One True God

Meanwhile, angered by Adam and Eve’s betrayal, Yahweh drove the first humans from Eden. It also acknowledged its rivalry with Satan and Lilith. Despite interference from both, Yahweh held strict rule over the earth, striking down all who opposed its rule.

That is until the One God sent Her only Son to redeem Man.

Yahweh did all in its power to defeat the Son, even aligning with Satan to tempt the Son, Jesus. Yet in the final conflict, the Son defeated Yahweh.

The fallen seraphim angel’s spirit was imprisoned inside the Vyntari jewel. Angels then shattered the jewel into nine shards and scattered these shards throughout the universe.

The Rise of Magic Among Men

In Yahweh’s defeat, Satan – cast from Heaven and now the ruler of Hell – saw an opportunity.

Satan posited that if he recombined the Vyntari shards and harnessed Yahweh’s power, he could once again challenge the One God. To this end, he enlisted his demon Haroth to train Man in the use of Dark magic. These men become the Order of Haroth.

The caveat: the members of the Order believed they worked to restore the glory of Yahweh, whom they held as the One True God.

To counter the Order, the One God sent angels Harut and Marut to train mortal students in the power of Light magic. These students became the Guardians of Faith and the Knights of Vyntari. Their purpose: to combat the threat of the Order and other forces of supernatural evil.

Early in the struggle, it became apparent that any overt use of the supernatural drew a violent backlash from the world unaccustomed to the supernatural.

To protect themselves and the world of Man, the combatants took their struggle into the shadows. It became a subtle, intricate dance with manipulation and violence the rules of the day.

It became the Shadowdance urban fantasy saga.

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