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Fanfiction: Birds of Prey, part 34 (of 43)

“Birds of Prey” Fanfiction!

Sonya Blade sneaks onto the railyard to get dirt on the Chechen and China White! But are those ninjas amid the rail cars?

Want to read from the beginning? CLICK HERE!

mortal kombat logo fanfiction

“We gonna sit here all night?” Black Canary asked Sonya Blade.

Sonya continued snapping photos of the Chechen’s caravan of two sedans and a box truck as they moved to a building on the eastern side of the railyard.

They hadn’t seen any sign of China White, her emissaries, or anyone who could be meeting the Chechen.

“Until we get the evidence of the Chechen exchanging goods, we sit tight and watch,” Sonya said.

“If he goes into the building, we won’t see anything.”

Sonya looked at Canary, letting the masked vigilante see her annoyance. “If he goes into the building, we’ll move closer. But not until then.”

The Seattle detective made sure her point was understood before turning back to her lens. Black Canary sulked next to her on the wrong side of the railyard’s chain-link fence.

Minutes later, the Chechen’s vehicles pulled in front of the eastern building. Sonya signaled to Canary, and the two moved to a better vantage point while remaining outside the fence.

By the time they reached a position from which they could see the caravan again, someone had opened the sliding wall at the front of the building.

Sonya looked through her camera and saw an Asian man in a suit waving the Chechen’s men inside. The first sedan was already on its way in.

“I’ve got a guy who’s probably with White’s operation working the entrance,” Sonya told Canary.

“You were saying about them going inside?” Canary said.

Sonya pulled back from her camera and looked at the fence. “Guess we have to get through this thing.”

“Leave that to me,” Canary said.

Sonya grabbed her arm to stop her. “I have a quieter way,” Sonya said. “But you’ll have to stay here.”

Minutes later, Sony convinced the guards at the gate that she was on a joint task force with GCPD. She had reason to believe a kidnap victim was on the truck that had entered earlier.

The smarter guard wanted to call in to verify her story, but she successfully argued they didn’t have time.

Sonya walked into the railyard, using the idle rail cars as cover as she moved toward the east building. Black Canary had to stay behind because Sonya’s ruse would never work with a masked vigilante at her side.

If things got hairy, Sonya would call Canary in. She hoped that wouldn’t be necessary as she knew she had to do this strictly by the book.

Otherwise, China White, the person ultimately responsible for the death of Sonya’s Seattle police partner, would escape justice.

Sonya reached a boxcar just to the side of her target building. The last sedan had just entered the building. The Asian man stepped inside; the sliding wall began to close.

The Seattle detective had to see inside that building.

Sonya was about to move when an arrow stuck into the rail car next to her. She turned from the obstructing arrow and found two hand ninjas standing behind her. Sonya never heard them approach.

Hence, ninja, she figured.

Looking up, Sonya saw two other ninjas on top of the nearest rail cars. They held bows whose arrows aimed at her.

One of the ninjas on the ground with her said, “Ishii-san wishes to meet you, Ms. Blade.”


From her in-depth knowledge of China White’s organization, Sonya knew that could only be O-Ren Ishii, White’s lieutenant.

Sonya let her camera hang from its strap around her neck as she raised her hands and said, “It’d be rude to refuse her invitation.”

Batgirl fanfiction

Batgirl leaped from her perch outside the railyard. Using her cape as a glider, she sailed over the railyard’s chain-link fence and onto the property.

Moving through the maze of idle cars, she used the shadows to hide her approach to the maintenance building. She had gotten a few cars away when she saw movement on the top of one of the boxcars ahead of her.

Two ninjas with bows and arrows.

Presuming these were the same ninjas who worked with Kano, this confirmed China White’s presence — at least, someone working on her behalf.

Batgirl surmised that someone waited for the Chechen within the maintenance building.

Might a shipment of illegal substances be waiting there too?

Remaining out of sight, Batgirl trailed the ninjas. One of them fired an arrow at something beneath him.

The Gotham vigilante stopped in place, waiting to see what transpired.

A moment later, two more ninjas appeared. They each held an arm of Sonya Blade, steering the Seattle detective toward the maintenance building. The ninja up top dropped down to join them.

Batgirl cursed under her breath. She wondered how Blade knew to turn up here. She guessed she had hooked up with Black Canary, and the pair got lucky in seeing the Chechen head out.

Instead of leaving town as Batgirl had ordered, they must have followed him here.

That meant the Canary was lurking somewhere too.

With her sense of the dramatic, Batgirl was surprised Canary hadn’t done her yelling thing and freed Sonya. She must be too far away.

Batgirl had to find her first and stop her from doing something stupid.

Black Canary fanfiction

It was a strain to see that far from the chain-link fence, but Black Canary swore she saw three ninjas walking with a blonde woman.

It wasn’t a leap to figure these were more of the mooks who had attacked them in Seattle and that Sonya was the blonde.

Sonya used her ruse with the guard to maintain an element of surprise. Now that the Chechen and White’s people had Sonya, surprise went out the window.

They had to suspect Black Canary was here too. Yet they hadn’t sent any ninjas to find her.

Or so it looked.

Canary may be walking into a trap, but she had to make sure her partner was okay.

Sonya in the hands of the Chechen and China White’s emissary O-Ren Ishii (THAT O-Ren? Tarantino mashup!)!

Will Black Canary’s bluster break things up?

Will Batgirl’s stealth approach cost Sonya her life?

That’s what we’ll find out tomorrow as this “Birds of Prey” fanfiction presses to its climax!

Just starting with us? Read it from the beginning! Birds of Prey, Part One

While writing this fanfiction, I used Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition RPG, to leave some things to chance. Check it out!

Like this Birds of Prey fanfiction? Check out Mark’s original “Shadowdance” saga books!

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