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Fanfiction: Birds of Prey, part 33 (of 43)

Ramping up to the climax of this “Birds of Prey” fanfiction as Black Canary, Batgirl and Sonya converge on a meeting between the Chechen and (presumably) China White!

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Sonya steered the rental car through sparse, late-night Gotham traffic. She and her passenger Dinah Lance/ Black Canary followed the Chechen’s caravan of department store box truck and flanking sedans.

The duo tailed the Gotham mobsters from the northern part of the city to the lower east side of the main island.

The city’s dense placement of skyscrapers thinned out as they reached the railyard just north of Tricorner Island.

Sonya parked in a side alley a few blocks from the railyard. She then reached into the backseat and grabbed a camera bag. She and Canary then left the car and headed for the railyard.

A chain-link fence barred the detective and the vigilante from entering the railyard. From their vantage point, they saw the Gotham mobsters had stopped at the entrance gate.

The driver of the lead sedan exchanged words with a guard at the gate. The guard returned to the guard shack and admitted the mobsters into the yard.

“We’re going in after them, right?” Black Canary asked, though her tone alluded to her words being a statement.

“We may not have to if they stay in sight,” Sonya said, patting her camera bag.

“You’re not seriously gonna let them do whatever it is they’re gonna do, are you?”

Sonya pulled out her camera and a telephoto lens. “Gordon gave us the nod to snoop around. He didn’t say we could interfere.”

“He sounds like Batgirl.”

“They’re both right,” Sonya said as she attached the lens to the camera. “My case against Kano in Seattle got bounced because I went charging in with no warrant, no proper procedure. I can’t let that happen again with China White.”

“Sounds like somebody’s growing up.”

Sonya flashed a sideways glance at Canary. Canary continued.

“I, however, am still a masked vigilante who can go where I please.”

Sonya snickered. “How’d that work out with Batgirl?”

Black Canary mock punched Sonya’s shoulder. The detective smiled and said, “Let’s see what we can see.”

Through her binoculars, Batgirl watched from a perch just outside of the Tricorner Railyard as two sedans and a box truck passed through the railyard’s main gate. She checked the time via her cowl’s head’s up display.

While snooping at the Chechen’s mall hideout, Batgirl overheard the details about his meeting with “out of town talent” tonight.

The Chechen was running late, probably due to the mess Black Canary made of his mall office. Knowing the vigilantes were on to him, Batgirl was surprised the Chechen intended to make the meeting.

Whatever China White had for the Chechen must be financially lucrative. It was either that, or he was afraid to cross White. After all, she upheld her end of the deal by sending Kano against his rival Gamble.

Thanks to her head start over the Chechen, Batgirl had the time to survey the area. The railyard is a classification yard; no goods moved through it.

Instead, incoming trains were uncoupled so their cars could combine with other cars to create new variations of trains.

Batgirl surmised this would be the perfect spot to ship an illegal package. Who’d look for it in a place where no goods were shipped?

Her surveillance found nothing unusual within the yard. Besides the two guards at the gate, the place lacked any noticeable personnel.

It’d be a few hours yet before the early morning work shift descended to continue the business of the yard.

Batgirl watched the Chechen’s caravan continue through the railyard toward the maintenance building on the east side.

Still no sign of White’s people. Batgirl would have to look closer.

All the heroes are on-site at the railyards. The Chechen is here… but where is China White? Or, at least, her emissaries? Find out tomorrow… maybe?

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While writing this fanfiction, I used Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition RPG, to leave some things to chance. Check it out!

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