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Fanfiction: Birds of Prey, part 35 (of 43)

Sonya Blade captured by ninjas! It’s Black Canary to the rescue, but she’ll need help. Could this be the beginnings of the Birds of Prey?

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The ninjas pushed Sonya through a regular door to the side of the moving wall. When she was inside the maintenance building, Sonya saw the Chechen’s vehicles parked next to a rail car stationed for repairs. The side door was open, but from this angle, Sonya couldn’t see inside.

An Eastern European man stood just outside the open rail car. Several other men of the same ethnicity stood around him.

Two dogs stood at the first man’s side. They growled as the ninjas brought Sonya toward the group.

“From the camera, I would guess reporter,” the European man said. Sonya guessed he was the Chechen. “At least, that’s what our man at the gate said when he called.”

Sonya cursed under her breath. She’d hoped that even if the guards followed up on her story, it’d be with the GCPD. It didn’t occur to her they’d call Chechen.

Rookie mistake. At least they didn’t appear aware that Black Canary was also on the grounds.

Sonya hoped Dinah didn’t do something stupid like barge in here to save her. They still had the opportunity to catch Chechen and White’s emissary O-Ren Ishii, with all the evidence.

“She really is a Seattle detective,” came a hushed female voice from inside the train car.

As the ninjas brought Sonya around, she could see a demure Asian woman in a white and black kimono flanked by two ninjas to either side.

Sonya instantly recognized her as O-Ren Ishii.

O-Ren was half Japanese and half Chinese, but people who valued their lives never broached that point. Her adversaries often underestimated her due to her unimposing demeanor.

According to police reports in Japan, O-Ren used her opponents’ unwariness toward her to her advantage. She began with the murder of the yakuza boss who had murdered her parents.

O-Ren accomplished that feat at the ripe old age of eleven.

She continued as an assassin, eventually coming on White’s radar. The Asian crime lady took the young O-Ren under her wing and groomed her for the position she now held.

That she’d trusted O-Ren to handle the Gotham expansion said much for O-Ren’s abilities.

“She is also a Seattle detective who doesn’t know when she should quit,” O-Ren said.

The ninjas forced Sonya to her knees in front of O-Ren. The Chechen’s dogs were close enough to count their teeth.

“Could say the same of your boss China White,” Sonya said. “The GCPD knows I’m here. If I don’t turn up, they’ll come crashing through the Chechen’s door. You want that kind of heat coming at you, O-Ren?”

“What if you turn up dead?” the Chechen asked.

“Silence!” O-Ren said in an aggressive tone that took even the seemingly stoic Chechen aback.

O-Ren looked to each of the Chechen’s men, confirming she had their attention. She didn’t need to check her men; they knew better than to defy her.

Focusing on the Chechen, O-Ren said, “We will complete our business here. We will go our separate ways.”

Now O-Ren focused on Sonya. “I will bring Detective Blade’s head back to Mistress White.”

Black Canary fanfiction

Getting over the fence wasn’t an issue for Black Canary’s athleticism. Unfortunately, cameras watched the area she had traversed.

If the guards at the gate were doing their job, they could alert whomever they answered to.

Canary didn’t dwell on that issue; if the guards were working for the Chechen or White, they had already warned them Sonya was here.

They’d guess she was here too. Might as well bring the fight to them.

The Seattle vigilante had almost reached the rail cars closest to the maintenance building.

A black and yellow something dropped down in front of her. Canary stepped back and took up a defensive stance.

“Save your fight for the ninja,” the black and yellow form said.


“Should have guessed you’d be here,” Black Canary said as she stood down.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t be,” Batgirl said.

“Feel the love.”

Batgirl shook her head. “It’s nothing personal, Di — uh, Canary. It’s just that you can complicate the situation.”

Pointing at the maintenance building, Canary said, “My friend is in there, held by your Eurotrash mobster and whatever China White sent to Gotham.”

“I know.”

Black Canary noted anxiety in Batgirl. The Gotham vigilante softened her tone.

“Look, I know you want to help Detective Blade,” Batgirl said. “But we have to do this together.”

“Your way?” Canary asked.

“My town, my rules.”

Canary bounced her head from side to side. “Okay, that’s fair. But rules change in Seattle.”

Batgirl let a small smile slide through. “I may take you up on that since you owe me a concert.”

Canary returned the smile. “So, what’s the play?”

Batgirl reached into pouches of her yellow utility belt. She pulled out a headset with a microphone She also held a pill. Batgirl handed them both to Canary.

“You know about the headset,” Batgirl said. “The pill is in case the ninjas fight dirty with their poison again.”

Canary threw the pill into her mouth and dry swallowed it. “Good looking out,” she said.

Batgirl looked back to the guard shack. “Now let’s go blind the Chechen.”

Oh, snap! Next week, Black Canary and Batgirl team up to rescue Sonya from the clutches of O-Ren Ishii and the Chechen! It’s the “Birds of Prey” fanfiction finale you won’t want to miss! (I mean, you’ve gotten this far, right?)

Just starting with us? Read it from the beginning! Birds of Prey, Part One

While writing this fanfiction, I used Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition RPG, to leave some things to chance. Check it out!

Like this Birds of Prey fanfiction? Check out Mark’s original “Shadowdance” saga books!

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