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Spike Lee, Delroy Lindo give an interview for BAFTA Guru

Spike Lee and Delroy Lindo gave an interview back in June to BAFTA Guru. For my filmmaker peeps, this is as good as we’ll get as a commentary track for their Netflix movie, Da 5 Bloods.

Spike Lee and Delroy Lindo

I always refer to Lee as a filmmaker. He’s not JUST an Oscar-winning writer, or JUST a director, or JUST a producer, or JUST a documentary maker.

Regardless of what you think of his politics (which he wears on his chest), his ability to capture an audience and make them (gasp!) think cannot be denied.

Lindo is also a powerful force in the acing world. Besides Bloods, he’s worked with Lee as West Indian Archie in Malcolm X (a movie that got robbed of its Best Actor for Denzel Washington, but I digress).

You’ve also seen Lindo in The Good Fight, Romeo Must Die and the Point Break remake.

Okay, maybe not that last one.

Moderated by BAFTA GURU rep Ashley Clarke, Lee and Lindo discuss how they came to Da 5 Bloods, their history together, and how the film reflects on both the past and the present.

What is BAFTA anyway?

BAFTA is the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. Basically, it’s kinda sorta the equivalent of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

BAFTA Guru presents a series of interviews with filmmakers of all stripes. It’s a pretty damned good educational source my filmmaker peeps should get to know.

Anywho, here’s the interview. Enjoy.

Learn something.

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