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Thoughts From the Shed podcast trailer

Writer Mark Wooden provides a quick look at his upcoming podcast, “Thoughts From the Shed,”

Welcome to the trailer for my upcoming podcast, “Thoughts From the Shed!”

The podcast is an extension of my blog here at the Wooden Shed Creative/ Writer Mark Wooden website. Sometimes it’s just easier to talk to you guys than write a bunch of words.

Even though I write a bunch of words to prep for talking — it’s just cooler. We are in a video age, anyway. And don’t you want to see my smiling snarky face?

Don’t answer that.

On the podcast, I’ll take you inside the mind of a writer, literally having you look over my shoulder as I write both original fictions, like my “Shadowdance” urban fantasy saga, or my fanfiction. I’ll show my tips and tricks to boost creativity and then how to harness that creativity into media works.

Home of the Shadowdance Saga

There will also be some virtual tabletop role-playing games on display.

I’ll muse about pop culture, dissecting it to see how the sausage is made. I’ll then turn these insights around to show how you can use the knowledge to inspire your creativity.

I’ll also drop the occasional NSFW f-bomb and thoughts about today’s chaotic political climate.

You’ve been warned!

The “Thoughts From the Shed” podcast premieres on October 6th, 2021. Click here to subscribe to the Wooden Shed Creative YouTube channel. Click the bell to get notified when new episodes go live!

And without further hub bub, bub… on with the trailer!

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