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Pre-podcast teaser video drops from Writer Mark Wooden

Tomorrow’s the big day for the “Thoughts From the Shed” podcast trailer drop! In the meantime, learn some things about writer Mark Wooden and hear a pretty damned good Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A quick hit reminder from yours truly, writer Mark Wooden. Tomorrow my trailer drops for my new “Thoughts From the Shed” podcast. This podcast is a long time coming. Seems I’ve been threatening it for years.

But its time is now!

Actually, its time is October 6th, but gotta start the marketing early!

About this podcast teaser trailer

This video gets you hyped for tomorrow. I’ll share how/ where/ when to watch the trailer. Pick up some tidbits about the site.

Most importantly, I pulled a pretty damned good Schwarzenegger imitation out of my butt. Haven’t been able to do it since so thank Crom I recorded that take!

Arnold Schwarzenegger, famous for telling people to get to choppers

Not just a podcast!

If you can’t get enough of me from this video, check out the other stuff over at the Writer Mark Wooden YouTube page.

I have my short horror film, “Where the Heart Bleeds,” a theme song for my urban fantasy books, and a making-of docu for that song.

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube page! If I get one hundred subscribers I can give the page a domain name that makes sense and not the scrawl code Google drops on you!

Help a brutha out!

But why even leave this site?

Stay, have a cocktail.

Or stick around here to read some fanfiction. Or see what my original urban fantasy “Shadowdance” saga is all about.

And don’t forget to sign up for the “Thoughts From the Shed” newsletter, dropping thoughts from the shed directly into your email inbox! Exclusive fanfiction, original fiction, bloopers, and the occasional bonus episode!

If enough of you get on the list I’ll even remove those annoying ass pop-up boxes!

And without further adieu… on to the podcast teaser that’s longer than the trailer it’s hyping you for!

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