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Fanfiction: Birds of Prey, part 4 (of 43)

In this chapter of Mark Wooden’s fanfiction, Sonya Blade and Black Canary encounter opposition in the form of the zombie assassin Scorpion.

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Black Canary took the stairs up to the bridge two at a time. When she got to the landing before the gunman’s level, she crept to the side. Taking a furtive look up, she saw the gunman still looking for her on the deck level.

Utilizing her advantage of surprise, Canary jumped the man, disarming him and then restraining him in an arm lock. She needed information.

Unfortunately, someone with a spear’s blade attached to a length of chain didn’t want this guy talking.

The spear pierced the would-be informant’s face with a sickening thud. Canary pushed the man away as the spear retracted on its chain, taking a small portion of the man’s brains with it.

Black Canary assessed the newcomer. He wore a yellow tunic that covered his shoulders and flowed down his front and back. Black leggings fit into knee-high boots. The spear wielder also wore a hood and a black, demon-mouth mask.

“I don’t suppose you’ll just let me sneak back off the boat, would ya?” Canary asked, knowing the answer.

“Get over here!” the man yelled.

He launched his spear at Black Canary. She was too slow; the spear pierced her leg. As it came out the other side, small blades projected from the spear. The damned thing had become a grappling hook.

The attacker pulled back on the spear’s chain. The hook sunk into Black Canary’s leg. The attacker pulled Canary off her feet and drug across the deck toward him.

When she was in range, the attacker grabbed Black Canary by her throat. She heard a clinking sound, then felt the spearhead pull clean from her leg.

Scorpion from Mortal Kombat vs Black Canary
Scorpion from Mortal Kombat X

Now so close to the man, the Canary saw the man’s solid white eyes. He held the spear up next to those eyes, poised to drive it into the Canary’s chest.

With her throat constricted, she had no air to draw for another Canary Cry. She’d have to get out of this the old-fashioned way.

The attacker brought the spear in for the kill. Canary lashed out with a finger strike to his wrist. The pain caused him to drop the spear. She caught the spear in her other hand.

The masked attacker still held Canary by the throat. Having lost his weapon, he continued to squeeze the life out of her.

Canary thrust the spear forward, but her opponent knocked her arm aside. He continued to squeeze her throat. She tried the spearhead again, this time piercing her attacker’s tunic.

A green fluid oozed from the wound.

The bastard didn’t let go of his grip on Canary’s throat.

Changing tactics, the vigilante flipped her legs up and around her attacker’s neck. She pushed him away, but couldn’t break his hold on her throat.

The crack of a handgun cut through the night’s sounds.

Canary saw her attacker’s head explode in a bubble of green ooze.

Both she and the attacker tumbled to the ground. His hold on her released. The Canary used her uninjured leg to kick the disgusting remains of her attacker away from her.

Sonya ran over, knelt beside Black Canary. “Thinking twice about that gun, aren’t you?” she said.

“Doesn’t count,” Black Canary said. “That thing wasn’t human. You can shoot non-human things all day long.”

Sonya looked to the pile of green ooze and shattered skull. “Guess I should have figured Scorpion’d be around.”

Canary’s eyes went wide. “You know this… thing?”

Sonya tilted her head. She then helped Black Canary to her feet. The blonde vigilante winced as she put pressure on her wounded leg.

“You sure you’re up for this?” Sonya asked.

“Trust me, I’ve been through worse,” Canary replied. She looked back down at what remained of Scorpion. “Okay, not that much worse, but still.”

“I’ll explain him later,” Sonya said, referring to Scorpion. She headed toward the door leading into the ship’s interior. “Kano is below deck. Let’s get him before Scorpion gets back up.”

“What?!” Canary shouted.

To be continued next Tuesday…

While writing this fanfiction, I used Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition RPG, to leave some things to chance. Check it out!

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