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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Info on the comic book Silver Sable

TOL on comic books: Silver Sable

With some time off, I got back to read my terabyte's worth of comics. I was really looking into Black Widow but stumbled on a story from "Solo Avengers #7" featuring Silver Sable. Silver who? Hang with me for some comic book Silver Sable knowledge drop and why the character deserves a movie.

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star wars fanfiction mark wooden

“Star Wars” Fanfiction – Episode 1 Conclusion

In the conclusion of the first episode of Mark Wooden's "Star Wars" fanfiction, Jedi NILE CHINELO and her Alliance contact escape the Imperial Security Bureau, only to face a greater threat.

Smugglers CORANA BIABRU and PIANI NURUODO make a shocking discovery aboard their rival’s starship — and inadvertently gain a new enemy.

Want to read this episode from the beginning? CLICK HERE!

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