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TOL on comic books: Silver Sable

With some time off, I got back to read my terabyte’s worth of comics. I was really looking into Black Widow but stumbled on a story from “Solo Avengers #7” featuring Silver Sable.

Silver who? Hang with me for some comic book Silver Sable knowledge drop and why the character deserves a movie.

Who is the comic book Silver Sable?

I could hodge podge an origin, but let’s go straight to a trusted source — the Marvel wikia page!

Silver’s father was a Nazi hunter, considered to be the best in Europe, even working alongside James Howlett, simply known as the Canadian at the time. His wife was murdered when the home he shared with his wife and daughter was bombed. Silver begged her father to train her, so she could avenge her mother’s murder, and though he tried his best to discourage her, he soon realized her potential, and she soon began joining him on hunts. After his death, she assumed command of the Wild Pack and became founder and owner of Silver Sable International.

Silver’s missions took her all over the world (hence the “International” part of “Silver Sable International”). She inevitably crossed paths with Spider-Man and other Marvel heroes.

Solo Avengers #7

I stumbled on her in this issue, written by Tom DeFalco and illustrated by Mark Bright, Jose Marzan, Jack Morelli, Janet Jackson (not that one, but maybe still Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty).

For whatever reason, Silver Sable happens to be in an airport with Hawkeye and… the Sandman. Terrorists take over the place.

Knowing Silver is a mercenary all about the money, Hawkeye offers her a dollar to help him.

comic book Silver Sable
(C) 1988 Marvel Comics

Silver takes the offer. She, Hawkeye and Sandman get to kicking terrorist ass.

Inevitably, a terrorist takes a hostage and does the gun to the head thing. Look at Silver’s reaction.

comic book silver sable
(C) 1988 Marvel Comics

After they’ve beaten all the terrorists, Hawkeye confronts Silver about her rant against the terrorist. Her response is badass.

comic book silver sable
(C) 1988 Marvel Comics

But Silver’s not done being a badass. Remember how she took Hawkeye’s one dollar offer?

comic book silver sable
(C) 1988 Marvel Comics

Girl’s gotta make that money!

Silver Sable, Sony, and movie stardom

Sony, who still has the rights to Silver Sable and a bunch of Spider-Man-related characters, canceled the movie “Silver and Black.” That was to be Silver’s debut to live action movies, paired with cat thief/ Catwoman clone Black Cat.

The studio swears they’ll make a solo Silver Sable movie one day.

After reading the comic book Silver Sable’s exploits in “Solo Avengers,” I hope that movie comes sooner than later.

Agree? Disagree? Have a favorite Silver Sable story? Write about it in the comments below or post on @shadowdancesaga on Twitter.

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