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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Spider-Man and the Hulk

Fanfiction: Spider-Man vs. the Hulk (1 of 8)

I've been (finally) playing that "Marvel's Spider-Man" video game. Add a dash of writer's block and I dreamed of writing a Spider-Man versus the Hulk fanfiction.

This story takes occurs in my comic book fanfiction mashup universe in 2009, several years before the events of my other stories. It’ll drop some world-building notes and provide some origins. Enjoy!

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Fan fiction by Mark Wooden

Mark Wooden’s Fanfiction Archive

I've written several fanfiction pieces over the past few years. Even SYFY Wire noticed, making me a Fan Creator.

I decided to list all the fanfiction in one spot so you can find them easily. Each story is broken down into chapters for convenient reading.

Or binge. I'm cool with that too.

The comic book stories are listed in chronological order in their world.


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NYCC comic con banner

Mark went to New York Comic-Con y’all! (1 of 2)

So I finally bit the bullet and made the pilgrimage to New York Comic-Con (NYCC 2019) this year. I'd been to San Diego's con but with an industry friend so I saw cool VIP stuff.

Despite not having the inside track. I had a blast. I met many of my idols (and hopefully, one day, my peers), did some networking and bought lots of cool artwork. Perfect for my inspiration wall!

Now it's show and tell time (in no particular order)!

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