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Armored Underworld (fanfiction) pt 20 of 41

Bruce Wayne meets with his company’s CEO, Lucius Fox, to inquire about some special gear in Mark Wooden’s continuing fanfiction.

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Batman logo from the Dark Knight

“If I had known you were coming, Mr. Wayne, I would have arranged a proper showcase.”

That was Lucius Fox, CEO of Wayne Enterprises. Though Bruce Wayne was still majority shareholder (through various blind trusts and other business subterfuge), Fox ran the day-to-day operations for all of Wayne’s business interests.

That included the secret division of Wayne Tech that continued research and development of military grade weaponry.

“Wasn’t planning on it, Lucius,” Wayne responded. “Too early for me.”

Lucius glanced at the clock on his desk. “It is the afternoon, sir.”

“Precisely,” Wayne said. He looked out the window. With this view from the top of Wayne Tower, all of Gotham lay before him. The afternoon sunlight hid the darkness Wayne’s alter ego the Batman knew all too well.

Turning back to Fox, he said, “But I was talking with a friend of mine the other day. He’s a bit of an adventurer too.”

Fox smiled. Wayne recognized it not as one of mirth, but of “I know where this is going.” Fox didn’t know Wayne’s nocturnal habits, not exactly, anyway.

He also wasn’t an idiot.

Wayne had gathered the bulk of the materials for his vigilante crusade through blinds, dummy companies, and the like. A variety of companies delivered the materials to a location a mile from the cave.

Wayne hauled the parts in later.

He eventually purchased the delivery companies through those same dummy companies, ultimately dissolving them.

The employees were transferred to divisions of Wayne Enterprises or were paid handsomely to maintain secrecy. Wayne also had the companies’ records destroyed.

Wayne was a meticulous planner, but even he was sometimes taken unaware. He sometimes needed a quick improvement in tech. Waynetech was an easy way to get that.

Fox was the go-to person for such emergencies. Going to the well was making Fox suspicious, but since he had no proof of anything, Wayne was willing to continue the risk.

That and Fox was there to help Wayne wrest his company back from the scavengers who tried to take it away from him when he returned to Gotham seven years ago. Loyalty easily builds to trust.

Wayne took a seat opposite Fox. “We were looking into a scuba dive in the Amazon. Swim with electric eels.”

“Sounds lovely,” Fox said.

“Not as exciting as I’d like, but not every adventure need by death-defying.”

“I would prefer that. But I’d guess there’s something dangerous involved, or you wouldn’t mention it to me.”

Wayne smiled. “That’s why you’re CEO, Lucius. A friend reminded him the eels were electric. And we’re in water.”

“The eel’s charge won’t kill.”

“That’s what I said! But my friend read on Google they could incapacitate you long enough to drown. So he’s scared. Which is hilarious from the guy who jumped off a bridge wearing that flight suit you gave me.”

“Glad it came to good use. I suppose you’d be interested in something like that, but for… eels.”

Wayne pointed at Fox, a silent “You got it.”

Fox went to work on his computer keyboard. After a few moments, he turned his monitor so Wayne could see it.

“Waynetech is working on an insulated suit, good against high pressure and electricity,” Fox said. His monitor displayed a schematic of the suit, with various tech notes.

“It was something for the Navy SEALS, but we got outbid by LexCorp,” Fox continued. “Something about them weaponizing the electrical discharge whereas we allowed the added charge to dissipate from the suit.”

Wayne looked at the monitor. He maintained a bored expression while studying the schematic intently, analyzing it. With a few modifications, the suit would serve his purpose.

“Looks good,” Wayne said. He sat back in his chair. “When can we get a couple?”

“They never made it past prototype,” Fox said. “Really just parts and pieces stored away. May take a few days to gather them all up.”

“If anyone can do it,” Wayne said.

Lucius removed his glasses and took his handkerchief from his suit pocket. “I should warn you, though, the suit isn’t as armored as the jumpsuit. You’re safe from electrical attacks, but not, say…” Lucius looked directly at Wayne. “Bullets.”

Wayne blinked, feigning confusion. Lucius held his serious look for a moment longer. To Wayne’s surprise, Lucius burst into a smile.

“But you shouldn’t have a problem with bullets in a rainforest, should you Mr. Wayne?”

Wayne smiled, then laughed as he pretended to catch the joke.

“I’ll contact you when they’re ready. Would you like the items delivered to the manor?”

Wayne stood up. “I’ll let you know when you call.”

Fox stood as well. The men shook hands.

“Thanks again, Lucius,” Wayne said. “One other thing. I’d like you to set up a charity fund for Gotham’s police who fall on hard economic times. Open it with a million dollars, replenishing with another hundred thousand as needed.

“Make sure Leon Singleton gets an application and immediately clear him for payment.”

To be continued…

While writing this fanfiction, I used Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition RPG, to leave some things to chance. Check it out!

Like this fanfiction? Check out Mark’s original “Shadowdance” saga books!

Copyright Info

DC Adventures, Copyright 2011, Green Ronin Publishing; Author Steve Kenson. It’s now Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition

Advanced Player’s Manual, Copyright 2005, Green Ronin Publishing: Author Skip Williams.

The characters Iron Man, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Vanko, Black Widow and Nick Fury are Copyright Marvel Comics

The characters Batman/ Bruce Wayne, Batgirl/ Barbara Gordon, Black Mask, the Penguin/ Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, Renee Montoya, Commissioner Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, Robin/ Dick Grayson, KGBeast and Bane are Copyright DC Comics

The character Juri Han is Copyright Capcom

None of the characters belong to me as this is fanfiction, done for fun, and as a creative exercise.

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