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Fanfiction: Birds of Prey, part 2 (of 43)

In this Birds of Prey fanfiction, Seattle detective Sonya Blade and her vigilante friend Black Canary pursues the international criminal Kano who murdered Sonya’s partner.

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Once over a chain-link fence, Detective Sonya Blade and the vigilante Black Canary made their way toward a cargo ship near the end of the dock.

Careful to evade the dock area’s security cameras, they made it to the safety of a cargo container. There was a maze of them between the women and the gangplank leading to the cargo ship.

“Think we can climb up top?” the Canary asked.

Sonya looked at the stacked containers. “I can.” She looked disapprovingly at the Canary. “Don’t know if those boots will do the job, though.”

“Cheeky bitch,” Black Canary replied.

Canary looked at the stack of four containers. Whoever had loaded them did a poor job stacking them.

The vigilante leaped up, grabbing the sliver of the roof of the ground level container. She pulled herself up, digging the side of her boot on the roof, then pushed up with her legs.

The Canary’s hand grabbed the bar keeping the upper container closed. She repeated the steps until she could look over the top of the highest container.

She saw a man standing at the far side of the container, a shotgun resting over his shoulder. He was dressed in beat-up slacks and a matching sport coat — not standard dock security attire.

“I’m never gonna hear the end of the ‘I told you they’d have shotguns,’” Canary muttered to herself.

Looking down, she saw Sonya about to climb up after her. Canary waved her off. Sonya flashed her a curious look but did as suggested.

Pulling herself up, Canary stalked up behind the poor excuse for a guard. She snatched the shotgun from the bewildered man’s hands. She then used it to knock the man unconscious.

From her new perch, Canary surveyed the area. There were a few more men on top of containers closer to the cargo ship. They hadn’t seen her, but it was only a matter of time before they noticed their missing pal.

Canary went back to the other edge of the container and motioned for Sonya to use her phone.

Over the phone, Canary said, “I’ll stay close to the edge, guide you through the maze. There are some more guys up here further down, so you may lose me from time to time.”

Sonya gave a thumb’s up. Both women hung up their phones and then moved into the maze.

Black Canary pointed out a man on the ground; Sonya took him out. Sonya would pause while Canary took a man out up top. This worked well for the first three guards they encountered.

The third time was not the charm.

Sonya approached the guard without incident, even succeeded in knocking him unconscious with the butt of her handgun.

Unfortunately, this guard had his finger on the trigger of his shotgun. As he went down, he fired. The noise echoed through the container-made canyon.

It also got the attention of two guards on the container tops.

Black Canary hit the deck. The other guards on top of containers didn’t see her, but they made their way toward her position to investigate.

The guards aimed their weapons at Canary. Since she and Sonya had already made some noise, a little more wasn’t gonna hurt anybody.

Well, anybody except the two approaching guards.

“Hey, boys!” Canary called out, grabbing their attention. “You haven’t seen a tall, muscular one-eyed son of a bitch, have you?”

The guards looked at each other, sharing their confusion.

Black Canary took a deep breath, and then let loose with her mutant power: a shrill scream of sonic force.

Canary’s sonic blast knocked the gunmen backward. Their guns clattered to the container tops as they crashed down unconscious.

Canary ran across the container, getting one container away from a drop to the gangplank. A shotgun blast pounded the container’s side.

Thank goodness for criminals with lousy aim, Canary thought.

A second blast never came; the sound of a foot slamming into a guard, and then that guard hitting the side of a container did.

Sonya met the Canary at the gangplank. “So much for the sneaky approach,” she said.

“We can still do this!” Canary replied. “They know I’m here. Make yourself scarce, find another way on the ship!”

“And what are you gonna do? Fight your way through a hail of shotgun slugs?”

Black Canary smiled. “The way these guys shoot? No problem!”

Sonya wasn’t convinced. Canary prodded her friend with a shove. “Go before someone sees you!”

Sonya shook her head but did as told.

To be continued next Tuesday…

While writing this fanfiction, I used Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition RPG, to leave some things to chance. Check it out!

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