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Fanfiction: Spider-Man vs. the Hulk (Epilogue)

So what did happen to Dr. Banner? And who is this scientist working with Director Fury?

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Deep in the bowels of a SHIELD research facility, a vibranium-laced containment unit housed Dr. Bruce Banner. It’d been some time since his incident as the Hulk.

General Fury visited the facility, approaching the lead doctor in the research. “What have you learned, doctor?” he asked.

The lead doctor turned from his computer terminal to address the approaching general.

“Dr. Banner is fully collaborating with the research team. His curiosity as to what happened to him runs as strong as ours.”

Fury looked to the containment cell. Banner feverishly wrote chemical equations on a whiteboard. Turning back to the doctor, Fury asked, “Have you figured out what triggered his reversion to Banner?”

“Dr. Banner and I both think rage drove the Hulk. When it was contained by Peter’s —” the doctor caught himself. “By Spider-Man’s webbing and couldn’t rage further, he calmed down and released Banner’s psyche, causing the reversion.”

The doctor pulled up some information on his computer terminal. Statistics on mass loss and conversion appeared on the screen. “We simply can’t explain how the creature gained and then lost mass,” the doctor said. “Nor can we explain where he gained his massive strength. In future studies, we hope to revert Dr. Banner safely back to —”

The doctor stopped as Fury laid a hand on his shoulder. “I know it’s tough,” Fury said.

The doctor looked at Fury. A moment passed; the doctor closed his eyes. His head turned downward. While fighting back tears, the doctor crossed his arms.

Fury studied the doctor. “You’d have been proud to see him in action.”

“I saw the surveillance video,” the doctor admitted. “I would be proud of him if he’d just followed science. But now I have a superhero for a son. A son I can never let know I’m alive.”

Fury’s jaw tightened. “HYDRA wanted your secrets. SHIELD made you and your wife dead so your dear son Peter could live. Dumb mother fucking luck made him Spider-Man. No going back.”

Dr. Richard Parker reluctantly nodded. Fury held the man’s gaze for a moment before turning to leave the facility.

“Find out what this Hulk is, Parker,” Fury said. “If we can use it, make it happen. If we can’t, destroy it. If you can’t save Banner.” Fury stopped at the entrance. Turning to Parker, he said, “Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.”

Well, that’s it for this one, true believers!

In honor of the upcoming “Birds of Prey” movie, I’m finishing up a story I started a few years ago featuring the Birds.

I have a bit of a different cast from the movie and comics. Black Canary and Batgirl are there, but I’m also using a character the movies and comics couldn’t use to round out the trilogy: Sonya Blade.

I’ll see about getting that story started in the next few weeks.

Looking for more fanfiction? Check out the other stories in my mashup superhero world, “Doppelganger,” “Armored Underworld,” and “Herald of Darkseid.” There’s also some “Star Wars” fanfic in there.

I also write original works. Try some urban fantasy action/ adventure on for size with the “Shadowdance” saga novels.

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoyed this fanfiction. Do me a solid and share this one around.

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