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TFTS Ep V – Shadowdance Origins and Updates

Happy Wednesday, faithful readers, watchers, and listeners! Time for another episode of the “Thoughts From the Shed” podcast!

This week we’ll look at my “Shadowdance” action/ urban fantasy saga: its origins, the influences, how I put together the first two books, and where I hope to take the saga!

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Creator Notes – “Shadowdance” action/ urban fantasy saga

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This episode is all about pulling back the curtain on the creative world of the writer. I wanted to show you how an idea develops into a finished product.

The “Shadowdance” saga took many twists and turns to get where it is today, and it’s not quite at the finish line.

With the rebranding, I hope to give the saga a new life, hopefully finding its audience better this time around. I have a great new novel to front that campaign.

I have some equally snazzy character pictures and book covers to go with.

Oh I wanna show that stuff, but all in due time. Maybe I’ll slip one in the coming weeks.

As I mentioned in the episode, there’s a “Shadowdance” movie story I forgot to mention. I’ve got that wrapped up as an exclusive clip for my newsletter subscribers.

Not a subscriber? What are you waiting for? Don’t you wanna know about the “Shadowdance” movie that never was? And the newsletter only hits you once a month, so no big commitment.

And it makes great toilet reading! Subscribe today!

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