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Fanfiction: Birds of Prey part 12 (of 43)

In this Birds of Prey fanfiction, Sonya Blade must battle through the minions of crime lord China White to escape to save her friend, the vigilante Black Canary.

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mortal kombat logo Sonya Blade

“What was done matters not,” China White said to an agitated Sonya Blade. “What does matter is your inability to do anything about it.”

Sonya looked at the twenty or so men in suits gathered around her in the dojo-like space. “You think these men can stop me?”

Looking directly at the Chinese woman in her throne-like chair, she added, “Think you can stop me?”

The crime lord laughed. “Silly, girl. We don’t have to stop you. We merely have to slow you down until other men have accomplished their mission.” White became serious.

“Finding and killing Black Canary.”

Not again, Sonya thought. I will not lose another partner.

Sonya yelled and charged at China White. She didn’t get halfway to the crime lord before five of her thugs moved into her path.

Their mistake.

The police detective leaped into the air and kicked the central thug in the face, knocking him to the ground. She landed and threw a punch at the next closest man, knocking him down too.

The three other men attacked Sonya, none of them scoring any hits. Sonya’s second volley of punches took down two more of the men.

Three more of White’s suited thugs were quick to press forward and fill the void left by their fallen brethren.

The remaining two men from the first wave faired better this time, earning a glancing blow that pushed Sonya back a step.

The blow served to anger her further.

A kick to the face took down the thug who’d hit her; A follow-up kick took down another man. More moved in.

Sonya continued the fight, easily beating back her attackers. Then one of them got lucky, coming from behind her and locking her in a chokehold. While he held her, two more thugs punched her midsection.

Sonya brought her heel down on the choker’s instep. The pain was enough to loosen his hold. Sonya slipped out, catching her breath as she analyzed her situation.

She’d cut the number of her attackers in half.

China, evidently amused by the situation, remained on her throne.

Three thugs moved in on Sonya. She fended off two, but one got in a blow. She rewarded him with a punch to the face.

A gunshot broke up the party.

All eyes went to the source of the noise — the doorway. Briggs stood there, his handgun aimed at the room’s occupants and his badge on display.

“Jackson Briggs, SPD!” he declared. “Everyone get your hands in the air and down on your knees! Now!”

“Detective Briggs,” China White began. “I wasn’t aware the local police could enter private property without a warrant.”

“We can’t,” Briggs said. “But when a local policeman sees a woman enter an establishment known for organized criminal activity and she doesn’t come out in a reasonable time, I can enter under probable cause.”

China tilted her head in disbelief. “You really think that will hold up in your courts of law?”

“That’s for later. Right now, I’ve got the gun and the badge.”

“I had this, Briggs,” Sonya said.

“Cut your losses and let’s go, Blade,” Briggs said, his eyes scanning the thugs looking for one of them to try something stupid.

“Listen to your friend, Ms. Blade,” China said. “You have yet another partner waiting to die in your arms.”

Sonya glared at China. “I’ll be back for you.” China smiled. “I’m looking forward to it.”

mortal kombat logo Sonya Blade

“I could have taken her right there,” Sonya said to Briggs as they climbed into his car.

“And she’d be out in an hour,” Briggs said. “Then have you in jail for assault. Not a good look for a cop-out for revenge.”

“I don’t want revenge! Revenge would be killing that bitch! I want justice for all she’s done!”

“Then you’ll still have to play by the rules. At least leave a trail for the prosecutor to legally use. And what the hell was White talking about, ‘you have yet another partner waiting to die?’”

“Shit!” Sonya grabbed Briggs’ radio from the seat beside her. Speaking into it, she said, “This is Detective Sonya Blade, badge number 2141974. Are there any reported incidents in Belltown tonight?”

Briggs looked curiously at Sonya. She returned his look with one of trepidation.

A voice broke out over the radio. “There was a bombing not ten minutes ago. First responders are moving to the scene.”

Sonya fastened her seatbelt. “Move it, Briggs!”

“What’s a bomb in Belltown have to do with us? Or China White?”

“It’s her gambit to draw out the Black Canary.”

Briggs started the car. “She knows who she is?”

“No, but she knows Canary can’t help herself when it comes to helping others.”

“A trap. How does China know she’ll even be near Belltown?”

As Briggs pulled into traffic, Sonya said, “I know she’s there. She is not dying on my watch.”

To be continued next Tuesday…

While writing this fanfiction, I used Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, 3rd Edition RPG, to leave some things to chance. Check it out!

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