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Free preview of an urban fantasy ebook

The urban fantasy genre pulls me to writing as much as the superhero genre.

Hell, I turned urban fantasy characters into damn near superheroes in my “Shadowdance” novels and short stories.

Click below the fold and get a free sample of the first “Shadowdance” novel, “By Virtue Fall.”

The “Shadowdance” saga is for urban fantasy fans who want more high-octane action and fewer romantic triangles.

A simple mission. A world of supernatural terrors in opposition.

Is revenge worth damning the soul?

Welcome to the Shadowdance.

“Spare her life,” Adriana begged, “and I shall do all you ask!”

“Really?” Cytheria said with a malevolent smile. “You don’t know what I’ll ask. Or what it will cost.”

Cytheria leads a cult of vampire assassins. She turned Adriana into one of them. Cytheria then ordered the slaughter of not just Adriana’s immediate family, but also her ancestors.

Cytheria’s cruelty ended with the turning of Adriana’s sister into one of the cult.

Naturally, Adriana wants revenge.

Dwyer Strathan, a sorcerer posing as a Hollywood bad boy, offers Adriana a deal: if she retrieves two magical jewel shards for him, he will give her information about her sister that could lead to Cytheria.

Unfortunately, the relics are the object of the secret war between supernatural creatures known as the Shadowdance.

Adriana had avoided the Shadowdance for centuries, preferring her personal path of revenge — simple, easy, no complications.

Is Adriana’s revenge worth falling into a world complicated by manipulation, subterfuge, and sudden acts of violence?

“By Virtue Fall” presents a world in which vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures hide in the shadows of the world outside your window.

Follow Adriana as she decides who to trust, who to fight, and who to kill to get her revenge.

Also available in trade paperback on Amazon.

This author has a wonderful imagination and I like the way he mixed historical fiction into his modern-day setting making his writing style unique for this genre.

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Click below for a preview and a link to Amazon!

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