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Intro to “Star Wars” fanfiction Episode 2

Writing “Star Wars” fanfiction turned out to be more fun than I thought! Here’s a prelude to the next episode of my story.

When last we saw Jedi Nile Chinelo and her smuggler allies Corana Biabru and Piani Nuruodo, they were on a mission to planet Teth.

The Rebel Alliance had sent them there to meet a contact who could provide the Alliance with much-needed supplies.

Corana and Piani ran into an old rival, a slave trader named Cragen. They followed him to screw with whatever action he had on the planet.

Meanwhile, Nile found the contact. Unfortunately, she crossed the Imperial Security Bureau.

Worse, she attracted an Imperial Inquisitor, Leeta Greyhelm.

Episode Two, “Escape from Teth” picks up where the cliffhanger of Episode 1 ended. I include hyperlinks in the stories to Wookieepedia, a great source for “Star Wars” lore for those who need a brush up on stuff I mention in the story.

Once again, I have an opening crawl, designed by the folks at Kassel Labs.

Enjoy it, then follow the link below to Episode 2.1 which will premiere on September 11th. Future segments will appear the following Thursday and then every Tuesday and Thursday until complete.

“Star Wars Fanfiction Episode 2 – Escape from Teth”

Come back on September 11th to read Mark Wooden’s “Star Wars” fanfiction Episode 2.1 — “Escape from Teth!”

If you want to start the story from the beginning, follow the link to Episode 1.1’s intro and crawl.

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